Photographer captures dog's despair

Photographer captures homeless dog’s despair

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Update 6/4/17: Rescued by Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc.

This week, a photographer who volunteers his time to help homeless dogs find a home, captured the utter despair of one dog who is being held at the Baldwin Park Animal Services facility in California. The dog, whose real name is unknown, has been at the animal control agency since May 30 and it is apparent that she is tired, heartbroken and filled with hopelessness.

Photographer John Hwang wrote of the dog’s desire to feel the touch of a kind hand:

I first saw her sitting hunched over in a corner with her head down. She had trouble opening her eyes. From her matted fur to her trembling exhausted body told a story of a difficult life. Every movement seemed like a monumental effort for her. Yet she eagerly sought love as she pressed herself up against the fence to feel the warmth of a human touch.

This dog’s past is a mystery, but Hwang’s poignant images reveal her longing for kindness and love.

To help this senior dog find a new home, please take a moment to network her adoption information.

Petharbor link here.

Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
Ask for information about animal ID number A5072256

(Photos via photographer John Hwang)

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43 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If only there were a home for every dog, It’s heartbreaking so many never find the loving family they deserve. Prayers for this dog.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE SOMEONE STEP UP AND HELP THIS DEFEATED LITTLE DOG GET A HOME – She is a victim who desperately needs help – these so called ‘shelters’ give so little time to stray animals whose only crime is being abandoned and they are killed within 24-48 hours – PLEASE GET HER OUT OF THERE. She is a senior dog who will enhance your life significantly – shelter dogs are the best – they truly appreciate being rescued. Give her the safe home she never had.

  3. Helen says:

    Senior dogs are very special. They don’ demand much……just a warm bed, some food and a little love from their human family. Won’t someone give this poor girl a home?

  4. Colette Sweeney says:

    OMG I’m crying for this poor sweet dog. This is heartbreaking! How can anyone not be moved by these photos? Please someone help this dog. Please give her a loving home. Maybe she had one once or maybe she’s never known love. Whatever, she desperately needs and wants to be loved. Please please someone adopt her quickly. Don’t let them put her down. I wish I could help her but I don’t live in the US. I too will pray for you sweetheart.

    • Barbara Cordon says:

      This is so sad. These pictures will haunt me. I just to take the dog home and show her all the love she deserves but i am here in new york state. Please someone adopt her. Please keep us updated on her status.

  5. Star Shelley says:

    What a sad story on this adorable pup, I have shared thru facebook and tweeter with hopes to find her a forever home. Please share for her life. Prayers for you my sweets with hope to find you a loving home soon.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    Oh she is so very precious!!! How I wish I could scoop her up in my arms and love and pamper her forever! The sight of her and her utter despair rips my heart to shreads!!!! She will probably die there at the shelter! The only thing keeping me from adioting a fourth dog is finances,I’d so love to have this very precious girl! She will remain in my mind and heart and I can only hope and pray that someone will see what a treasure she is and rescue her!! PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE LET THIS BEAUTY BE RESCUED!!!! Is there a way we can be updated on her?? I’m TRUELY broken-hearted!!!

  7. Manel Dias says:

    Please some good Samaritans who live close by to this location…Please get together and help this sweet Pooch. At least send her to a NO KILL ANIMAL shelter for , Until she finds some one who will come forward to rescue this sweet pooch. PLEASE HELP PLEASE…

  8. Jacqueline says:

    From the looks of it, that shelter is disgusting with no compassion for the animal. It’s filthy no bed for the dog. That’s not a shelter it’s a dumb to inprison unwanted animals. May God help her find s loving home????

  9. Nita Keas says:

    I called. I would take her in a heartbeat but they said they don’t transport animals anywhere. I’m in Texas.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Of course they won’t, why help the poor dog, it’s easier to kill them. That’s disgusting, if you are willing to do the work to get the dog what is it to them where the dog goes as long as it’s saving it’s life. It shows you they don’t care! I’m so sorry.

  10. Colette Sweeney says:

    She’s still there? Why hasn’t someone come to adopt her? Are we the only ones who have seen these photos and care? Not even a rescue shown any interest? I don’t live in the US but I follow Hope for Paws who are in California. I know they only rescue from the streets but surely as she is a street dog and given her situation they could come and get her. Could someone please please call a rescue for her. I would send some money towards her keep to any rescue who will take her. Hold on sweetheart. We are all still praying for you.

  11. Colette Sweeney says:

    I emailed Hope for Paws begging them to rescue this sweet dog. Please will everyone contact them too. Strength in numbers.
    Lets get her out of there asap!!!!!!

  12. Colette Sweeney says:

    Shocking news! Hope for Paws has rejected rescuing this poor dog. I’m very disappointed in them. They at least could have got in touch with another rescue group to go get her. Don’t know what to do now. I’m in tears. I really believed they would help her.
    I don’t think they even read my email properly. Just suggested I volunteer at a shelter. I now cannot follow them anymore. I think they’re all about the publicity.
    Please can someone get in touch with another rescue group to save her. Please.

    • AaronAlicia Rodriguez says:

      Hope for paws is Hope for money.. They are cold as ice and don’t help senior dogs. They charged a lot of money for puppies and put many restrictions to people who wants to adopt the doggies. I will share the post

    • L C (@OnIndyTime) says:

      This dog was already at a shelter. Hope for Paws doesn’t remove dogs that are in shelters. They get dogs out of dangerous situations. And yes they HAVE rescued seniors on the streets. They only have so many resources and they have to prioritize their mission. Don’t condemn them because you had one option and it didn’t pan out. You could have contacted any of the rescues in the area,Google search for them — I did. My rescues didn’t come through — she was already spoken for. Other people were quick to get to their groups and one got to her. That’s what it takes — a village of online dog lovers contacting as many people as they can in the hopes that one would reach her. You are condemning the great work Hope for Paws does because you asked them to step outside of their mission, they said no, and you didn’t like it. One group CANNOT save them all. In any case, this dog was adopted by Leashes of Love and she is happy and getting healthy and her new name is Annabelle. Look them up on Facebook and you will see her happy and lively.

      • Colette Sweeney says:

        I am aware Hope for Paws rescues dogs off the streets but I thought maybe they could make an exception or get in touch with another rescue group. I do not live in the US so don’t know about all the different rescues there are and it was the first one that came to mind.
        I still feel that their reply email could and should have been more politely written. It was very curt and dismissive. Especially suggesting that I should go and volunteer at a shelter (instead of pestering them I suppose!) I might have already be doing that very thing for all they knew. In fact I do help a couple of rescues in my own country. And a ‘sorry we can’t help’ wouldn’t have gone amiss either. Politeness costs nothing and it’s also good P.R. To be fair at least I got a reply from them, another rescue I emailed didn’t even bother to do that. I therefore stand by my criticism of Hope for Paws.
        I do however thank you L C for the wonderful news that the newly named Annabelle is happy and well. God bless her and may she continue to thrive. And also find her forever home very soon.

  13. Colette Sweeney says:

    My other post isn’t showing. So I’ll repeat it. Hope for Paws WILL NOT rescue this dog.
    I have just emailed Dogs Without Borders. Please can everyone who cares about this dog get in touch with them too. Praying they will save her. Please Dear Lord make this shelter give her more time. Don’t let them harm her. Please send a rescue to save her.

    • Colette Sweeney says:

      Thank you Ilona. I’m finished following Hope for Paws now. I’m disgusted with them. Still haven’t heard anything from Dogs Without Borders. But I’m putting my faith in them.

  14. Colette Sweeney says:

    I just checked Baldwin Park’s website and panicked cos I can’t find this dog. BUT I think the ID number is the wrong one. There is a dog who looks just like him ID A5072842. I’m praying it is him. I got back in touch with Dogs Without Borders to tell them of the error. Still waiting to hear from them. Please keep praying for him to get rescued or adopted. He is up for adoption.
    Could somebody please go to this shelter’s website and give a second opinion on whether these two dogs are actually the same dog.

  15. Colette Sweeney says:

    I’m so pleased a rescue has her. They’re more particular about the people who they let adopt. I read an article the other day about a dog who had publicity like this one, had hundreds of people wanting to adopt from all over the world. Dog was adopted and then returned, adopted and returned again. RETURNED TWICE! Was in danger of being put down but fortunately has a new owner and hopefully third time lucky.
    So good luck sweetheart. Praying you will find your forever home full of love. Live happily ever after.
    And please also remember there are still far too many dogs just like this one but with no publicity in shelters all over the world who also desperately need loving homes.


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