Fatally injured Yorkie left to die in trash at Miami parking lot

Miami Beach police are searching for the person believed to have fatally injured a small Yorkshire terrier and left her to suffer and die in a Publix supermarket parking lot. An employee found the dog and called police.

“She was just lying on her side. She was not moving. She was yelping occasionally, and you could really see something was wrong,” stated Miami Police Officer Mariana Garcia. “She was really hurt badly.”

According to WsvnNews, the officer helped to transfer the  six-pound dog, they named Lily, to the Doral Centre Animal Hospital. Veterinarians said she had seven broken ribs and had been nearly strangled. There was no evidence she had been hit by a car. Sadly, Lily died two days later. Veterinarian Joy Carter, who cared for Lily, was saddened to think that anyone would just let a dog suffer and die in a trash can.

Surveillance video from Friday, April 7, shows a red Toyota Yaris pulling into the Publix parking garage off West Avenue. A man can be seen getting out of the vehicle and appeared to be taking something out of his car before setting it on the ground near the trash area. Authorities believe it was Lily. Moments later the man exits to the restroom before getting back into his car and leaving.

“Someone out there knows what happened to Lily. Someone knows this dog. Someone is missing this dog,” stated Officer Garcia. “Someone knows this gentleman. Either the dog belonged to him or it was somebody else’s dog, but somebody’s got to be missing a dog just like Lily.”

Anyone who recognizes this man or Lily is asked to call the Miami Beach police of Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305.471.TIPS.

(Photos and video via Miami Police)

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  1. Star Shelley (@shelleystar2) says:

    So for Lilly, so sorry sweetheart this evil person has done to you. Rip Lilly. Rip free of pain at Rainbow bridge I prayr that this evil low life will be found and charge to the maximum maybe someone can beat. him to death and throw him in the trash.Krama will follow him.

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    All I can do is cry and ask God WHY? Some days I just can’t read or hear any of this horrid brutal and cruel abuse of innocent and helpless dogs. With every passing year it just continues to grow and flourish and I will forever feel that it’s because it is a horror that goes without consequences or punishment. I just can’t grasp why that is! RIP LITTLE LILLY SHE DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER

  3. maxiemom. says:

    Looks evil from the snapshot. It’s always a stupid punk / thug or a big brutal bastard who does this to a tiny dog. Poor Lily deserved nothing but love, and undoubtedly gave only love, and ran into this thing. Find him fast. Anything this brutal probably spends his time abusing everyone in his path.

  4. Edward Nagle says:

    you fat fuck i would pay u back u back for you good deed start with tiny razzor blade cuts. then take a jar of red ants and dump them all over you. and tale dry ice and pur it in ur eyes burn,out ypur retimas that a start asshole

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Probably another wonderful “boyfriend/husband” who has killed his girlfriend/wife’s dog and disposed of it. “Gee Honey the dog must have gotten out and run away” I hope if someone is looking for their little dog they see this, recognize the POS that did this and hopefully he will be on his way to jail! Rest in peace little Lily, you deserved much better than this. By the way, this is NOT a GENTLEMAN! This is a worthless piece of humanity if he did this cruel act!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime candidate for the wood chipper – the line gets longer every day – YES, someone KNOWS who this maggot is and if there is video it should be put on the news so all can see this coward’s miserable face. The car is visible, how about a license plate? He needs to be caught – he will do this again.

  7. Elaine says:

    Fucking brainless jackass. Someone find this dipshit and teach him a lesson by making sure he does not EVER hurt anything again

    • Cynthia Como says:

      My Dad has a house in Florida and is there until tomorrow,he just called me and told me the man in the video in the case of Lilly has turned himself in! So now we wait to hear if he is responsible and if he will be arrested and punished appropriately,which as we all know they are NEVER punished appropiately! My heart aches for this little dog! As I always say until these viciously animal abusers are TRUELY PUNISHED this horror will NEVER slow down! The sentence a fine and probation is NOT a punishment and in no way fits the brutal horrific crime of animal abuse! RIP SWEET LITTLE LILY

  8. Helen says:

    This piece of shit needs to get hurt real badly and left in the gutter where he belongs. I’m sorry Lily that your humans betrayed you. You’re free now.

  9. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This fat bastard needs to bo found and thrown in a Jail cell and get his ass beaten everyday that he breathes.

  10. Mia says:

    You will get what you pay for! I own a Yorkie myself! I just can’t stop thinking about her! My stomach turns to heat this terrible news of how she died! This asshole needs more than 5 years!!! He got caught I just heard. I hope he gets tormented 😩 terribly by inmates and gets chocked out. Assholes like that will get payback!! Rest In Peace Lilly justice is served he has been caught baby girl!

    • keriann hogrefe says:

      I heard he bondedbout yesterday, so who told u he got 5 years. He is walking around Miami, that fat fucking peice of shit

      • Cynthia Como says:

        U are right Keriann! His case has not gone to trial yet,this was all over the news in Florida so I’m thinking and hoping the judge gives him the maximum(5 yrs) because as far as animal cruelty cases go this one is high profile and I’m sure EVERYONE is watching to see what sentence will be handed down! Maybe Lily’s death will evoke change in the judicial system in Florida. They are one of the few states that has finally classified animal cruelty as a class 3 felony(my state of Ohio has also elevated animal cruelty to a felony)and while thats a start the judges are STILL handing down lenient sentences even tho the option of a 5yr sentance is available! Let’s hope that Lily’s death brings about positive change when it comes to punishing the horrific crime of animal cruelty!!

  11. keriann hogrefe says:

    We all need to start a pettition on animal abuse and how there needz to be stronger laws. This is getti g out of hand. Her life did not deserve to b taken b/c she was nauseous and threw up in his car??? We need to make people think twice about hurting a helpless animal

  12. keriann hogrefe says:

    Theres got to be a way to stop animal abuse or atleast slow it down. LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED!!!!!!! fat fukn peice of shit needs to feel the same exact pain!!!!! Just caught a fat Spanish kid over here kicking the shit out of a duck I just screamed at him when I jumped out of my vehicle and I’m thinking of myself this is got to be that guy son they’re both that pieces of shit

    • Cynthia Como says:

      Kerriann legislation for stiffer penalties for animal cruelty is introduced over and over and over again only to be denied again and again to the American citizens! WHY??? What is so damn hard and what is so offensive to the law makers and the judicial system about enacting AND enforcing good strong protection laws for animal cruelty? We vote in these law makers to be our voice and pass the laws that we as a society desperately want for our communities! But it’s the behind the scenes incentives by the special interest groups with all their millions that drive what laws are grant to us! How I would LOVE to see, on a appointed day and time,for people to take to streets in protest against the continual denial of the laws needed to punish the scum who abuse,neglect,maim and kill companion animals and get no kind of significant punishment for it! Certainly nothing else has worked! It is common sense if u don’t punish the scum that commit crime then why should they stop? I have to wonder why do they even bother arresting these brutal jerks if all they are going to do is fine them? Well those damn fines generated money for the courts but those damn fines absolutely do not punish the abuser! It fucking ridiculous!! UNTIL THE LAW MAKERS AND THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM START TAKING A HARD STANCE ON THE CRIME OF ANIMAL CRUELTY WE WILL NEVER EVER EVEN BEGIN TO DLOW THIS HORROR DOWN! THE COURTS GET THEIR MONEY AND THE ABUSER GETS NO PUNISHMENT! IT ABSOLUTELY HAS TO START WITH A CHANGE IN THE LAWS AND THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM ENFORCING THOSE LAWS WITH STERN SENTANCING! THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS WHICH IS WHY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST BAND TOGETHER AND DEMAND CHANGE!! Until this happens the crime of animal cruelty will contiue to grow and flourish.

  13. keriann hogrefe says:

    everybody on here go to change.org there are pettitions that supposedly with enough signatures can enforce animal abuse or change laws or something

    • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

      Call, write or email your state senators and representatives and urge them to pass much tougher state laws against animal abuse. Federal laws changed last year but most state laws are still a joke.
      We also need to hold the police and judges accountable for enforcing the laws in place.

  14. DORIS Whitlock says:

    Yorkies are so small and cannot even defend themselves.I own 2 yorkies they are my life . I wish he would be locked upfor a long time.This man is a monster to do this to a defenseless dog. Next what defenseless animal or human will be his victim!!!!!


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