Don’t lose hope: Lost Florida dog found 18 months later and 1,200 miles away

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A lost German shepherd and Jack Russell mix was brought into a New York shelter last week; the friendly pup had a microchip, and because of that tiny rice sized particle of information, Relay will soon be reunited with his family in West Palm Beach, Florida. Relay had been lost for 18 months – 1,200 miles away from his home.

It had been in February 2016 when Relay had managed to crawl underneath the fence of his home and run away. The distraught family put up posters and notified every shelter and rescue organization hoping their dog would be found. The dog’s owner, Rick Moneck, even examined a surveillance video which seemed to show a man ushering Relay into his vehicle. Still there was no trace of the family’s beloved dog.

That is – until the rescue group,  Bobbi and The Strays traced the dog’s microchip. The family had just been recovering from Hurricane Irma – imagine their surprise. According to Fox News, Relay had been adopted in 2014, and she was the perfect puppy, however she always had a roaming streak. How Relay  arrived in Long Island and with whom or where she lived for the last year and half only Relay knows.

Two volunteers plan to drive the 1,200 mile trip to bring Relay home. The family is very excited to welcome their dog home.

(Relay the lost dog screenshot via Fox News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    It sounds like someone picked up this pup and didn’t try to find out if he had a home. It isn’t a case of “finders keepers” if you pick up a stray pet, there may be someone looking for him/her! Relay should have been taken to a shelter or vet to see if there was a microchip and Relay would have found his way home to his family. It does us no good to micro chip out pets if people just pick them up and keep (steal) them. I am so glad this family has Relay back, a ray of sunshine amidst the Hurricane Irma mess!


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