Shelter euthanizes man’s cat after failing to find animal’s microchip

A Berk’s County animal shelter has apologized to the owner of a pet cat after the animal was euthanized despite having a mircrochip to help identify him. Cody Lesher, of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania is trying to … Read More

Don’t lose hope: Lost Florida dog found 18 months later and 1,200 miles away

A lost German shepherd and Jack Russell mix was brought into a New York shelter last week; the friendly pup had a microchip, and because of that tiny rice sized particle of information, Relay will … Read More

Nine years after robbery, missing dog found and returned

Nearly a decade ago, a dog disappeared during a robbery at a California home. The toy poodle, named “Gigi,” was missing for nine very long years. After the August 2007 disappearance, Gigi’s owner searched for … Read More

Special needs Beagle put down shortly after escaping yard

Shortly after a special needs Beagle escaped from his yard in Polk County, Florida, he was put down at an area animal control agency, reported Monday’s ABC Action News. The heartbreaking situation was the … Read More