Dog missing after robbery reunited with owner 9 yrs later

Nine years after robbery, missing dog found and returned

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Nearly a decade ago, a dog disappeared during a robbery at a California home. The toy poodle, named “Gigi,” was missing for nine very long years. After the August 2007 disappearance, Gigi’s owner searched for her missing dog, but hope of ever seeing her again faded with the passage of time.

According to Tuesday’s CBS Sacramento News, everything changed with a wandering poodle was discovered in Roseville, California. Gigi’s owner, Sally Butters, spoke about the stunning discovery:

I never expected it. I thought she would be dead. She’s 13 1/2 years old now, how long I have her I don’t know, but at least she’s home.

It was Gigi’s embedded microchip which led to the unlikely, long-overdue reunion. The wandering dog was identified and returned thanks to the information on the chip, and the good Samaritan who took her to Citrus Heights Pet Hospital to be scanned, reported the Sacramento Bee.

Identification tags are a crucial tool for getting wandering dogs back to their rightful owner, but microchips are the gold standard for proving pet ownership, and helping to make reunions possible.

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    This little Gigi was bless by the Higher Power: There is now closure for her owner that never totally gave up on this little one… She will be cherished and loved till the last breath she takes! Not left to die in a shelter of as a bait dog, or wandering the streets and starving!!! This is an awesome Story!!1

  2. Darla says:

    While there are never any guarantees that a lost dog will be returned, a microchip gives a dog the best possible chance at a reunion – just ask Gigi and her owner! Be sure and keep your information updated if you move or change your telephone number.

  3. Danuta Allen says:

    Could she have had another owner during those nine years?? Cannot imagine a dog on the run for that long a period of time.


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