Four dogs seized after UPS driver attacked – their fate remains unknown

Pit bulls seized after attack on UPS driver
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Four dogs are being held at a Tacoma, Washington, animal shelter after they were involved in an attack on a UPS driver. According to multiple local news reports, last week the driver had to call 9-1-1 from inside of a gate on the homeowner’s property to get help.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is quoted in the News Tribune:

The fire department rammed the driveway gate, drove to the victim and pulled him into their vehicle,”

Though local news agencies have reported that a relative of the dogs’ owner refused to open the gate to the driveway, someone claiming to be a relative of the family has issued a statement on a Facebook group for residents in the town of Orting. According to the Facebook group post, the girl who refused to open the gate was not a relative – she was someone who lived at a trailer park behind the homeowner’s property.

The same individual has stated that the UPS driver let himself in through a side gate to the driveway, despite instructions on the package that advised the delivery person NOT to enter the property and to beware of dogs.

The fate of the dogs, described as pit bulls, remains unknown – on Monday, a volunteer with Tacoma Humane Society told the Pet Rescue Report that staff and volunteers have been advised not to speak to the media about the incident until the investigation is complete.

The UPS driver was taken to a hospital to be treated for multiple bite wounds.

(Stock image of pit bull via Pixabay)

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  1. Not siding with anybody here but if instructions were written on the package, why not read them? Also beware of dog signs should be posted. But on the owner’s side, why not have the packages delivered to a UPS store or a post office box, then you wouldn’t run into this type of thing. Most people in this country don’t read!

  2. Why didn’t the girl take the package from the UPS driver? Okay, the package had instructions and the driver failed to read it. It would have been much more effective if the beware of dog signs were properly located. Based on my experience, most UPS, Fedex and USPS drivers do not read special instructions unless they are printed in big bold letters. Most drivers just want to deliver and move on. This UPS driver should have stuck a delivery notice on the gate door and let the owner retrieve the package from the closest USP store. The owner should be aware UPS has the right to not deliver future packages if they perceived there are dangerous dogs on the premise. The owner would have no choice but to pick up all packages. This is also the case with USPS and Fedex. All of this could have been avoided, if people would use some common sense.

  3. I agree with everything the Pamela said. You must read signs warning you not to enter someones property. Possibly the UPS driver has gone in before but also the dogs may have been inside, not outside. Not good for the driver or the dogs. What will happen to them because of this we do not know. A shame to have dogs and they can attack a person for whatever reason.

  4. Four dogs are probably going to be put to sleep because this lazy man did not do his job and read his instructions. We all have to follow directions on our jobs and if you fail to do so, lives should not be at stake because of your error. Sorry, no sympathy for the guy because due to him, this family is without their pets and these pets will soon die.

  5. I don’t understand, according to the News Tribune, the UPS driver was able to drive up the driveway to deliver a package but the firemen couldn’t get through the gate? This sounds suspicious to me. We all know the dogs will be blamed for this, and most likely be deemed “vicious” for protecting their property. I also don’t understand why the driver got out of his truck if the dogs were present.

  6. I am torn on this. I feel bad for the guy and I feel bad for the dogs/owners…BUT there are a lot of conflicting reports.

    The woman on FB says they are great pets, were with kids, no one was ever hurt.
    A neighbor says (on camera -news report) they are vicious dogs.

    Woman on FB says there are beware of dog signs all over the place,
    but when you Google the address you don’t see one sign. And the news reports say there are none when they posted a photo of the gate, and on camera. Did not see any signs.

    Woman on FB and others say the UPS guy knows better, knows there are dogs and shouldn’t have gone in the gate.
    Then later saying the UPS guy was new/covering someone else’s shift.

    On the other hand, the dogs were on their own property doing what dogs do. But yet, delivery people are doing their jobs. They shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked…while doing their JOB. But…there was a note on the package telling him about the dogs.

    Sheesh. Curious how this will all turn out, but it seems like with things like this we never find out.

    Good luck to everyone having to sort out this mess.

  7. HERE WE AGO AGAIN!!!!!! Another irresponsible person going onto someones property and of course its the dogs fault!!!!!! and them being pit bulls the morons are going to blame the breed NOT the UPS driver!!!!! if they were 4 shih tzus lets see how that would play out!!!! sorry the driver was hurt, but if theres instructions, signs etc WTF…..I have signs on my gates and instructions with packages being delivered, come in my yard ITS YOUR FAULT!!!!! this is a disgrace because again the dogs will be blamed and worse yet the ignorant morons out there will go after the breed!!! sorry but I am sick to death hearing these storys like the cops going in peoples yards (don’t know how to ring a bell!!!) and slaughtering dogs left and right!!!! these dogs were on there property and they shouldn’t be killed because of another stupied human who ignored signs and instructions!!!

  8. The UPS driver for my area has left pkgs on my front porch, even with the “Beware of Dog” sign front and center on my gate. I have always told the mail carrier to leave them at the gate, which they do. I hope the driver will be ok, but he should know he is responsible for his choice to enter the property. I hope the dogs are not killed. They were doing what many dogs do when faced with a stranger on THEIR turf.


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