Dog rescue group brings attention to 6-year-old child living in filth while saving 27 dogs

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In the Lebanon County, Pennsylvania community of Palmyra, a dog rescue group brought attention to a six-year-old child living in filth; in a home covered in garbage and canine excrement. On July 15, the child’s mother called the Pawsitively Pom Rescue to come for the 27 dogs the woman wanted to surrender since her home was about to foreclosed. When Shannon Fies refused to answer the door, and neighbors told the rescuers about a child in the home living in squalid conditions, the police were called.

According to the Lebanon Daily News, when authorities arrived at the home on Harris Street, Fies surrendered the dogs and an African grey parrot to the rescue group. Also in the home was the six-year-old child and grandmother; rescuers had to climb over stacks of soda bottles filled with urine and over the floors covered in feces and garbage. Since the dogs and the occupants have been removed from the home, the property has been condemned.

Although none of the dogs had life-threatening problems, they were infested with fleas, matted and their toenails overgrown. Some of the dogs were purebred and some mixed breeds; all were taken to Amanda Reichenbach’s home where they were cleaned and groomed. Each dog will be completely vetted before being made available for adoption.

Shannon Fies and her mother are currently living in a hotel in Palmyra. The child is now living with a family member. There has been criticism directed towards Lebanon County Children and Youth Services as to why the child’s case had not been reviewed earlier.

(Photos by Pawsitively Pom Rescue)

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  1. Sad. The woman is a hoarder and she needs professional help. I’m glad the dogs have been rescued and the child is removed from an unhealthy home.

  2. I’m confused the mother called to surrender the dogs and yet she refused to answer the door. Did I read that correctly? Lol. Btw she should be very ashamed of herself for allowing her child and the dogs living under such horrible conditions.

  3. WOW!!!! Now this WORTHLHLESS PUTRID BUTT WIPE can trash a MOTEL ROOM provided by the taxpayer’s dollars!!!! Those poor animal’s and child!!! possibly grandma too… WHERE the Hell were the family members to HELP this LITTLE GIRL PRIOR TO THIS!!!!

  4. Who put this piss poor example of a mother in a hotel??? She should be sitting in jail for making her child and those dogs live in such a filthy environment.

  5. DISGUSTING!! I will never ever understand how some people CHOOSE to live like this,and it is a conscious choice! Over joyed that the animals and the child are out of that landfill of a house! SMH

  6. Just another instance of our government not working, what took so long for the Lebanon County Children and Youth Services to investigate this? Did nobody complain? If that is the case and nobody complained, then they should also be brought up on charges for keeping quiet about the situation! SPEAK UP PEOPLE!

  7. Yes, this piece of Sh@& is awaiting a trial in April still living Scott free such a scum bag. The child is amazingly smart and happy. Living with family. And no she and her scum bag Mom paid for their hotel .They chose to live in that house . They had money, they are so mentally ill. There were at least a dozen complaints!! Family and neighbors


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