Troubling history at grandmother's residence

Troubled history at home where dogs fatally mauled toddler

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The authorities have released troubling details about the dogs kept by a 70-year-old grandmother who is facing a second-degree murder for the death of her grandson, who was fatally mauled in Hart County, Georgia, by two dogs this week. According to Fox Carolina, the woman, Sandra Adams, has been cited numerous times over the past several years for dog-related violations.

Back in 2014, joggers called the authorities after being charged aggressively at them – the dog came from Adams’ property. Prior to the call from the joggers, police were notified that a dog had escaped from his “pen” charged at a different person walking by Adams’ home.

In early 2015, the police were contacted again when someone walking their dogs was attacked by a pit bull in Adams’ care – Adams’ claimed that she had dropped the dog’s leash. Later that same year, joggers were once again threatened by a “charging” pit bull that had apparently escaped from Adams’ home.

Prior to the multiple reports about “charging” dogs coming from Adams’ house and yard, were several instances of dogs being found in the woman’s yard with tangled tethers and no access to water or shelter. A total of six reports about dogs have been made since 2013.

The toddler killed in the fatal mauling on Tuesday has been identified as Paris Adams.

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8 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This could have been avoided if they had taken the dogs away from this irresponsible woman in the first place. They were obviously not being treated right if they were tangled and not able to get to food or water, let alone 6 reports since 2013? I would wonder also why her son/daughter would even want their child around this woman harboring these dogs, I know I wouldn’t have let her babysit, certainly they must have known the dogs were dangerous!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Stupid grandmother to have allowed her grandson to be anywhere near these vicious animals to die so horribly. And, where was the town having gotten several calls about these dogs over the years and never did anything about it.Any warnings against this woman, that she needed to keep her dogs restrained or they would be removed if there was any more complaints? How many calls to police about this woman and her dogs did they have to make before this tragedy occurred?

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sandra Adams is totally at fault for the death of her grandson – she KNEW her dogs had the propensity to attack, has been cited before and yet she allowed them to be in the yard w/her grandson – if the dogs had been trained, or maybe treated right this never would have happened – the dogs were killed, now give the real culprit the same – she deserves it.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    I hope this woman gets the maximum sentence allowed! Not only was she negligent in the care and custody of this poor toddler she also mistreated every dog that was unfortunate to end up with her! Young children do not understand how to treat a dog,they pull their hair,poke them,and can be ruff with them and then the dog reacts! Children have to be supervised and taught how to properly interact with dogs and cats! Unfortunately this poor baby paid with her life and there is no turning back the clock to change it! Sounds to me that these dogs had a mean streak in them and why they were not removed a long time ago I’ll never understand! So tradgic! This woman needs a very long prison sentence for this! If she didn’t have the sense to properly take care of her dogs why would anyone think she had enough common sense to care for a toddler? She probably was in the house sitting on her lazy ass,how can anyone let a little 2 year old out of their sight for even a minute! I’m so so outraged by this worthless POS “grandmother” that I hope she dies a very old woman in a pridon cell! SO PISSED!!!!

  5. BA says:

    IRRESPONSIBE HUMANS ONCE AGAIN…and who pays with there life – the dogs…this poor child was neglected by this creep and this horrible situation should never have happened….after all these violations nothing was done…THE HUMAN RACE SUCKS

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    How stupid to let it go on this long with nothing happening. That poor little boy lost his life for nothing. He could’ve been saved, but no one did anything!!!! Just terrible!!!


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