‘I rescued your 15-year-old blind Pomeranian today’ message to owner

In Lexington, North Carolina, resident John Travis is well-known as an animal rescuer who friends say “always has room for the throwaways, no matter what.” On Monday afternoon, Travis traveled to the Rowan County shelter … Read More

Dog rescue group brings attention to 6-year-old child living in filth while saving 27 dogs

In the Lebanon County, Pennsylvania community of Palmyra, a dog rescue group brought attention to a six-year-old child living in filth; in a home covered in garbage and canine excrement. On July 15, the child’s … Read More

Left to fend for himself: 14-year-old Pom’s days are numbered

What must tiny Bailey be thinking? Picked  up as a stray on October 15 and brought to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, the 14-year-old Pom’s days are numbered if he is not rescued this … Read More