‘I rescued your 15-year-old blind Pomeranian today’ message to owner

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In Lexington, North Carolina, resident John Travis is well-known as an animal rescuer who friends say “always has room for the throwaways, no matter what.” On Monday afternoon, Travis traveled to the Rowan County shelter and rescued a 15-year-old blind and deaf Pomeranian. His  heart wrenching message to the dog’s previous owner begins:

“I went to Rowan County and got your little dog yesterday. You know … the little blind , deaf 15-year-old Pomeranian that you kept in a crate most of her life, and then dumped without so much as a backward glance as you walked out the door,” John wrote on his Facebook page.

Rowan’s home, known by friends as “Castle Doghair” is a place where the unwanted, abandoned and frightened dogs find a safe and loving environment. His friends praise him for his compassion.

“She was scared and confused when I first touched her, but she seemed to understand why I was there and she soon responded, first with a slight twitch of her tail that quickly turned into a full wag,” John continued as he told more of his story – or rather the story of an elderly, neglected dog surrendered because she was just too old.

On the way home, she slept on John’s lap and when she met the other dogs in the house, took it all in stride. As the others sniffed in typical dog greeting protocol, a few of the dogs walked around the house with her as if guiding and helping her become familiar with her new home.

“They (the other dogs) left her to sleep in her little corner of the room on what was likely the only bed she’s ever had.”

And when she woke up, it was time for a bath. According to the shelter, she had been covered in fleas, and most likely hadn’t been bathed in years. Nevertheless, she loved it and wiggled in delight over the blow dryer as her tangles were gently combed out. Having no teeth, she wasn’t able to eat the dry food the shelter offered, but when now presented with soft food, the bubbly little senior filled up her aching belly.

“John Travis She just got through with her first supper at Castle Doghair, and she was hungry. Since she doesn’t have any teeth, I had to feed her a tub of Cesar, and she licked the bowl clean…so that’s a good sign.” 

“My guess is that they gave her dry food at the shelter last night, and she couldn’t eat it…so it looks like she’s gonna be a Cesar girl.

“When she was full, she found her bed and slept off the stress of the events she’d been under for the last 24 hours, and when she woke up, she found me by my scent, sat at my feet and placed a tiny paw on my leg as it to thank me.”

The Pomeranian was happy and so content to rest on John’s lap and softly pushed her head into his hand as he stroked her face and massaged her ears…

“looking up at me with eyes that can’t see … sniffing my hand to imprint my scent so she can find me again,” John added.

And then John Travis, in his home called “Castle  Doghair,” addressed the final part of his message “upfront and personal.”

“I wish for you no success in your future endeavors whatsoever… and when you’re old and sick and alone and abandoned in some squalid place by your family …I do hope that your thoughts turn to this little dog, and that you have the presence of mind to connect the dots … so that you don’t have to wonder why you’ve been tossed aside. This is why. Know that her last days were better than yours.”

It is tragic so many dogs are dumped; surely our society can do better. Many thanks to John Travis and all of the other unsung heroes.

(Photo of Pomeranian via John Travis FB)

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24 replies
  1. Trish says:

    Why are people so irresponsible? If they can’t handle taking care of an animal as evidenced by the condition of this little Pomeranian described in this post, take the dog to a shelter, don’t neglect it and let it get flea-ridden, lose its teeth and become generally miserable and wose, lose its eyesight…really hope whoever did this suffers greatly as a senior if they make it that far…this is so heartbreaking and it’s rampant in our world full of crazy, cruel people.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    To the person who abandoned this lovely senior dog: you are the epitome of sub-human, evil, selfish scum. YOU could have taken her to a vet, called SPCA or any other number of ways to reach out for help. Apparently, you are not only heartless, but LAZY…shame on you! I hope you do not have children, because if you can do this to an innocent blind and deaf dog, God only knows how abusive and neglectful you are of children. When karma comes knocking at your door in your old age, know that being tossed aside like an old mattress is EXACTLY what an eye for an eye means. May you have NO peace, a lonely, terrifying death while knowing extreme hunger and harsh treatment. Period!
    To the man who rescued her from a terrifying and lonely death: may you be blessed 1000 fold for your selfless act of kindness and tenacity to brave the challenges that come with what you do to give helpless dogs a loving home, soft bed and a full belly.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    What a hero! I commend you sir for doing what very few people would do to help an old, blind and deaf dog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Thank you John Travis for your love and caring of unwanted dogs. What you did for this little dog was wonderful and the way she has responded to you and your home makes what you do a blessing from God. He has given you the power to help these castoffs and your comments to the former owner was spot on. His family will treat his heartless soul the same way when his time is up.

  5. Luana Duncan says:

    John I just wanted 2 say thank u 4 saving her an giving her a loving an caring home!! She so much needed this in last an final yrs! U r such a giving person 2 have adopted her! An ur letter really touched my heart an was 2 the point!! Thank ever so much!!

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    There is a special place in Heaven for John Travis and others like him. They take on the unwanted and give comfort to these pets that otherwise have been abandoned and will die alone in a cage. Bless him, I wish the person who dumped this poor pup no love or compassion for the rest of their existence and hope and pray they saw his message.

  7. Christine Brown says:

    Thank you John for saving her she is in safe hands now. To the owner of the dog karma will get her revenge on you I guarantee it.

  8. Red says:

    Bless you John Travis for saving this precious little senior. May the people who relinquished her have a sad, lonely, old age alone!!!

  9. Marsha Squibb says:

    John….You are an angel! You know what they say…No good deed goes unnoticed ( I think that’s the saying)

  10. vicki hood says:

    John Travis, You melted lots of us. You are a true man. A man of compassion. That tiny waif finally knows love. Rewards are many. You will look like the Pied Piper when you pass and are at Rainbow Bridge.

  11. Patricia Downs says:

    God Bless you for saving this sweet baby!!! There is a special place in HELL for this guy who threw this baby away!!!


    Great story. Made me tears up of joy, and also to the previous owner and all owners that surrender their pets this way.

  13. Pamela Bolton says:

    Much respect to you John Travis. You are doing what I have always wanted to do. Awesome. My love to her and you for saving her. I’m in Ramseur and would love to meet you. Take care and be safe.

  14. Pat G'Orge-Walker says:

    Situations like this hurt me to my core. Thank God for the loving kindness of this man. I hope to find his Facebook page and offer whatever help I can. I have two dogs; one is a rescue and both spoiled. My dogs are my family.

  15. Deborajh Lima says:

    Thank You…from the bottom of my heart. May many blessings and happiness be sent your way and to all those furkids you shower with love… I <3 U ! You are one of the Best! XX !!

  16. Nancy Raymond says:

    Mr. John Travis – Your letter brought tears to my eyes – your kindness and compassion for a dumped blind and deaf 15 year old dog makes me believe there are still some good people in this cruel world. I applaud you for being there for this little being whose life you surely saved as she would have been put down by this shelter. You saved her life and she now can spend the rest of her days with someone who truly cares about her.


    I have a 14 yr old Papillon who has mouth cancer is partially blind and a wee bit deaf. at present she is at the groomers. no way am I giving her up. what a moron, I’m being nice, to do that to any animal.


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