Dog owner fabricated homemade muzzle from a soup can charged with animal cruelty

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In Lincoln, New Hampshire, a still unidentified man turned himself in on a warrant issued by the Lincoln Police Department for cruelty to animals after allegedly muzzling his dog with an old soup can and electrical tape. According to the police organization’s Facebook page, a concerned citizen brought a dog into vet clinic where the pup had been a previous patient.

According to the examining veterinarian, the dog had sores on his mouth and nose from the fabricated homemade muzzle consisting of a soup can taped around the dog’s mouth. The dog also appeared much thinner, after having lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. With the assistance of the veterinarian clinic, as well as statements from witnesses, police charged the dog’s owner with two counts of Class B misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Lincoln Police Officers Arcieri and Storey processed the subject when he surrendered to authorities on April 7. The man has been released on $500 personal recognizance and issued a court date.

The good news … the concerned citizen who brought the dog to the veterinarian clinic in January is caring for the dog and states the dog is fine.

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Well there u go!!! Charged with a class B misdemeanor,we all knows what that means…..a fine and probation! Money generated for the courts and no punishment for the abuser!! No wonder the crime of animal cruelty is so rampant!! PISSES ME OFF!!! God bless the neighbor who saved this poor dog ❤️

  2. Julie Enos says:

    Thank you Concerned citizen for stepping up and going above and beyond for this puppy. Alot of people probably walked by that puppy, looked, and kept on walking. God bless the Earth angels.


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