Video of puppy abuse winds up with two MTSU college football players suspended

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In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, two football players from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) under investigation for animal cruelty, have been temporarily booted from the team. In a video posted to Justin Akins’ Snapchat account last month, Shalom Alvarez can be seen hitting a defenseless puppy.

When the incident was first reported by WsmvNews, head coach for the team Rick Stockstill initially stated that the players told him the puppy urinated inside and they were disciplining it. Stockstill referred to it as a “teaching moment” and said he pointed out how disciplining the pet by hitting it could become a social media disaster. In the Snapchat video, which a concerned citizen copied to their Ipad, authorities state  Shalom Alvarez, who is a linebacker for MTSU’s football team, can be seen hitting the dog. Police said he grabbed the puppy out  from underneath the bed and forcefully hit it at least five times. The puppy is heard crying in pain with each hit. Akins then posted the following comment under the video:

 “[Expletive] said you don’t pay rent.”

MTSU Athletic Director Chris Massaro agreed the actions captured on the video were indeed disturbing. In a statement to the Daily News Journal, he announced:

“We welcome the inquiry by the Rutherford County Pet Adoption and Welfare Services. We have high expectations of conduct of our student-athletes. Coach Stockstill has suspended these players until the inquiry is complete and they will perform community service to the benefit of local animal welfare efforts.

The puppy did not belong to either football player. The pooch named ‘Rocko” belongs to another MTSU player – Daryl Randolph. There have not been any arrests.

(Photo of video by MTSU football players via Snapchat freezeshot)

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  1. Kick them off the team. Oh yeah do you live in campus housing? If so you don’t pay rent either. Both ate disgusting pos’s. Wonder if they woul

  2. HEY COACH they ARE good OLE Boy’s wouldn’t hurt a fly, ‘You all know how good these “boy’s be now, they been discriminated against” !!! Better get them back on the team that ole puppy isn’t worth losing a title for”” I can just hear this conservation in the private office of the President of this University NOW!!! THR KNUCKLE UNDER PLAY-

    • Exactly…hillbilly mentality in the football hierarchy. It hides pedophiles for decades and does anything to keep the team on top for the royalties. Expulsion is the only remedy here.

  3. Someone please explain to me why athletes have to ACT STRONG AND TOUGH by abusing animals? Also…. why they are never held accountable and if they are, it is minimal. These egg heads should be kicked out of school, banned from ever owning another dog and WISHFULLY…. the true owner of the puppy would SUE these useless worth of skins called ‘friends”.

  4. Teaching moment!?!?!?!? WTF. You have GOT to be kidding me. Another horrible example of athletes being criminals and coaches and schools protecting them. Throw their sorry asses in jail! Just a matter of time before they start “teaching” their girlfriends or others via abuse. Makes me sick.

  5. I did not watch the video of the football abusing the puppy I don’t need to. He was not disciplining the puppy. He was abusing it and had the incident videotaped so he could post and brag. Thank you to the person that reported this idiot. This abuse of animals is getting ridiculous. What is wrong with this world????


  7. Well, since Michael Vick got away with murder, it’s no wonder so many other football players think they can abuse animals without repercussion. I’m just glad so many of these monster(s) are either arrogant or stupid enough to post their abuse on social media and even brag about it. Hope the owner of the puppy presses charges, too. Hope the pup is going to be okay.

  8. Where is the owner of the pup? These scumbags should be thrown in jail, pay a huge fine and do community service for at least one year or more, cleaning dog cages (poop and urine) in shelters with just a toothbrush and if those cages are not spotless, the two low lives will have to do clean them again. Forget about playing in team!

  9. PIECE’S OF WALKING SHIT they should never play again, maybe then they will learn abuse isn’t the way and maybe save them from doing it or worse to animal or maybe a gf etc since they seem to have a temper problem

  10. must be kool. to abuse a puppy wow. i like football i use to quaterback lets have some fun and stand them up atie there hands behind there back and let throw stikes to there balls. i am very accuratec

  11. I would like to meet these vile animal abusers face to face to enable the required death penalty of these POS bastards to be enforced! I dare these bastards to make direct contact with me!!!!!!

  12. Another couple of “entitled” football players that think abusing a puppy is “discipline”. Hitting a puppy until it cries in pain is abuse not discipline! I highly doubt these thugs will be punished, community service will “certainly” make an impact on their lives! I hope the owner of the dog keeps it away from these brutes and I hope the owner knows better how to train a dog than this!

  13. I refuse to watch or have anything to do with football and this is the reason why!! So many of them abuse animals and beat the hell out of their wives and get no punishment! Michael Vick I will FOREVER loathe! How about that fat ass player on the Patriots who locked his pup in a crate and then never fed or let him out again? There was his pregnate girlfriend and others staying at his residence and this dog suffered unimaginable pain and died of starvation in its own waste,we all know he cried for hours upon hours for help! The pup was trapped with no way to save it’s self! And what happened to this innocent pups abuser,NOTHING!!!! He still is making his millions!! He went out and got this dog and stuck him in a crate and let him die a slow and torturous death! I’m crying now just remembering this torturous horror! NOTHING WILL BECOME OF THIS AND THESE TWO ASSHOLE WILL BE BACK PLAYING FOOTBALL ASAP!! IT IS BEYOND SICKENING!!


  14. Two punk cowards who should be nailed to a tree and used as target practice – they are useless wastes of flesh and blood – may they end up living in the gutter where they both belong.

  15. These 2 Pricks must think they are Real Tough Guys! Beating on a small defenceless puppy! I’m sick of seeing posts that just state ” they should be kicked off the football team” who cares! They should both be getting the Ass Kicking of their lives! Worthless POS


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