Discarded and thrown away: Baby calf rescued in most touching way

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Just days old, discarded and thrown away as if her beating heart, her soft fur and big brown eyes didn’t mean anything to anyone, a baby calf appeared lifeless as she waited to die . In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, however, little Merry’s life did count. Rescuers showed up along the side of a dirt road just hours before she would have died.

“She must have walked until she was too weary to stand anymore,” Animal Aid Unlimited, an organization whose focus  is to bring relief to animals and to help educate people about their proper care. “Or maybe her mother had died and the owner didn’t want to pay for milk?”

Barely breathing when rescuers picked her up and placed her still body onto the rescue’s animal ambulance, it wasn’t known if the newly born calf would even survive. Completely dehydrated, the first step was to administer fluids and nutrients, and for four days, the calf’s life hung by a string. Rescuers named her Merry – the baby deserved a name no matter what her fate was to bring.

On the fifth day, Merry stood up on her own four legs; maybe just a little wobbly, but nevertheless she continued to improve. With bottle fed milk and lots of love, spend a few minutes and watch this calf’s video of love and life. You won’t be disappointed.

Please donate for street animal rescue in India.

(Photos of baby calf screenshots via video)

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  1. Thank you for saving Merry. Many people think that cows are sacred in India….not true. They abuse them. I saw a video where a cow knew it was being brought for slaughter and escaped. They chased her and cut her tendons on her back legs she cried out in pain and they finally slit her throat in front of everyone on the streets! We are no better.

  2. The inhumanity and cruelty of some people is beyond belief. HUGE THANK YOU to Animal Aid Unlimited for rescuing this little calf and restoring her to good health. Merry deserves a good life and you started her on the road to one. You are all HEROES!


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