Bail for Navy veteran accused of gouging dog’s eye out set at $1million

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In Vista, California, an Oceanside man accused of torturing and poisoning his neighbors’ dogs for months was ordered held on $1 million bail on Friday, according to the District Attorney’s Office. David Christopher, 36, pleaded not guilty to felony animal neglect, animal cruelty and misdemeanor vandalism.

The disturbing details of Christopher’s alleged torture to neighborhood dogs included mutilating their pets – one of who still remains missing and is presumed dead. Fox 5 San Diego reports Herbert has been alleged as going to his next door neighbor’s home in April and torturing the family’s two Huskies; one dog lost his eye after it was gouged out. The other dog  suffered acid burns both inside and outside of its body. The owners believed an intruder tried to force them out of their home. The family moved to another home, however the two dogs of the new tenants went missing one month later. One of their dog’s was found roaming the neighborhood. Police believe Herbert had injured or killed their other dog. Lala, the family’s golden retriever has never been found. That family also moved away.

In addition the neighbors also reported repeated vandalism to their vehicles as well as trespassing into their homes.

Herbert was arrested on Wednesday after a motor vehicle stop. He had been honorably discharged from the Navy after serving six years. There has not been any motive cited for the abuse of the dogs. If found guilty of all the charges, Herbert faces up to 16 years in prison.

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(Photos of Navy veteran accused of torturing dogs via screenshot Fox News)

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16 replies
  1. ellen cottone says:

    Hates the barking. Ask the navy the real truth about this guy. They have covered up for him for 6 yrs. They are at fault completely
    Now it comes back to bite the navy in the ass.
    You knew he was a problem navy. Now look what you have done.

    • vicki hood says:

      How to do that?Court Order ? Someone in that area needed. Much to do for public involvement. We have to watch and report on the DA, the judge(although he/ she seems to be doing great) to make sure courts don’t abandon charges. This is so hard to only be able to watch as i am in another state. Do we have a volunteer in that area?

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    David Christopher sounds like a psycho! I’m glad they are taking this thug seriously and imposing such a high bail amount! He isn’t fit to be among humans!

  3. SLV says:

    I have the highest respect for Veterans but this POS needs to have his eyes gouged out. Asswipe needs to be punished to the max!!!!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    This dangerous,evil,POS is right where he should be! I hope this monster is severely punished because if not he will continue his evil and depraved abuse of animals. This is one scary POS

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of sewer slime is nothing the Navy should be proud of – his despicable actions against innocent animals only shows what a spineless pussy he is – I applaud the one million dollar bail BUT this bastard needs to spend the rest of his useless life in prison for his cruelty.

  6. Linda Novak says:

    I hope he gets the full 16 years in jail! I hope he never comes out! I hope the inmates do the same to him. He doesn’t deserve to be among man or beast!
    He’s done horrible things to animals, what will he do to a woman or worse yet a child?
    That’s IF he hasn’t hurt women or children already!
    Maybe the Navy couldn’t wait to get rid of him. But now, the situation is far worse it seems.

  7. Darlene Wilson says:

    Would like to see his Navy Eval. He emotionally, physically, and psychologically assaulted these neighbors and did not hesitate to use their fur family to begin his assult. He was methodical in his campaign as well as successful. Which is why he used it on the second set of neighbors. This is someone who will not stop. He’s crossed the boundary and once he feels threatened he will begin a new campaign. Recommend prison for a long time!!!!!!

  8. vicki hood says:

    He is the lowest of the low. Hope we can watch the DA and make sure he does all he can. We need to watch the judge as well. Public demonstration, public involvement will be a big help.

  9. Sherry says:

    Hope they gouge him with a long time behind bars so some future victims of his will be spared. Also hope for a HEFTY fine and he should have to pay ALL medical bills to all victims as restitution. I also think whatever pay he gets from serving in the NAVY should be garnished and redirected to benefit animal rights causes and shelters in the U.S…They sure could use the money to go up against dog fighting, dog abuse and neglect and to feed and care for the homeless. This should be done regularly and maybe we could start to combat the escalating animal cruelty problem.

  10. pamela bolton says:

    You really thing putting him in jail is going to stop him from doing it again? A firing squad can guarantee it. If he does it once, he WILL do it again.


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