Nationwide search for woman’s two missing dogs stolen with her car

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In San Antonio, Texas, Maria Hartman had to run into the local Walmart store to pick up some medicine. A nationwide search has since been launched to help find her two dogs, Pirulo and Lady. Both of her cherished companions had been with her, and thinking she was being responsible for the health and welfare of her dogs, Maria left her vehicle running with the windows up, the air-conditioning on and the doors locked.

According to MySanAntonioNews – the best laid plans often go awry. Maria had one set of keys in the ignition so the car would operate and took her other set into the store with her so she could lock her car. When she came out just minutes later, her Fiat had been stolen, and her two rescue dogs were missing. Maria is calling what she did “a mistake.” Since August 1, the dogs have been missing.


“I feel really guilty and responsible and I think it’s horrible,” she cried. “I’m with my dogs 24 hours. Even if your dogs are begging to go with you, you have to say ‘no’,” Maria emphasized.

On Friday, Maria’s car was recovered in St. Augustine, Florida except the dogs were not in it. There are no leads, and now she is reaching out to social media for help. While people across the country are trying to help, her daughter Carolina Guerrero posted a Facebook call-out that has been shared thousands of times. A $100 reward per dog is being offered.

Pirulo is described as a male, small, black terrier-mix who is “friendly, playful and smart.” Lady is a female, black lab-mix who is “very shy but harmless and afraid of storms and thunder.”

Anyone spotting these dogs or knowing where they are, please contact either Maria or Carolina here.

(Photos of dogs in nationwide search via Facebook)

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20 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Well it only takes one mistake and then you learn but I hope she gets her dogs back soon. Share, share, share people!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope and pray this woman finds her missing dogs! I’m sure she would gladly trade her car to have Pirulo and Lady home safe and sound. The thugs that stole her car could have left them any where in between San Antonio and St Augustine Florida, Keeping them in my prayers.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    I feel for this lady since she at least attempted to keep her dogs safe but it is no great feat to get into a locked car and apparently her dogs have suffered the consequence. I truly hope she gets both Pirulo and Lady back safely. It is obvious she loves these dogs and regrets her actions.

  4. Ann Dolak says:

    Shared to:A toZ crossposting for all animals in need everywhere,Dog missing lost & found pet alert”&”Lost dogs Orlando& other cities Florida”

  5. ellen cottone says:

    Or you can get your stupid tasks out of the way and then free up play time with your 2 dogs.
    Nobody takes a few minstrel to pick up mess at a walmart for a few minstrel. What the he’ll are you running your car with your 2 dogs in it in the parking lot near a Parkway interstate no less.
    Can you have set your 2 dogs up for a more tempting invitation lady.
    It’s sad what happened to your dogs.. there’s a reason nobody does what you did. Don’t you be playing it off to not being strong enough to your dogs.
    You allowed your children to be abducted. And provided the keys and a getaway vehical.I’m sure you regret that quick stop to look at summer clearance. Since you were being so responsible in your pets safety and welfare.
    Bone head!

    • Julie Collins says:

      Wow, such judgement. Bad things happen to good people, she clearly takes responsibility for the lapse in judgement.

      • ellen cottone says:

        It’s not judgment it accurate observation.
        Sorry ain’t good enough. This ain’t spilled milk. This was one of her many stupid and lazy practices involving her dogs and she has been taking chances for years.

        Julie , maybe you should contemplate the terror starvation and confusion the dogs are enduring rite now. Or their terrible end.

        Bad things happen to good people.
        I’m missed it.
        How is it !?
        That she’s a good people!?

      • ellen cottone says:

        Sorry if things like the facts….
        Truth and reality get in the way of your….
        The fur babies!!!!!!!
        Sniveling, over acting and useless, pointless hysteria.

        Cynthia. You should actually get off your duff maybe and pick a noble cause and and put on your boxing gloves on and do something constructive instead of being nasty to a fellow commentator.

        do something positive in your world.
        You will dislike your self less.
        The pathetic attempt to start a snit between fellow commentators is soooo,
        We’ll the best Cynthia can do. Makes me wonder…
        Can Cynthia find something better to do with her ample time? To invoke positive change in the world for hopeless animals in need ?

        Instead of trying to muster and unleash your bully brigade on miss know it all.
        Last time I checked we were fighting on the same side.

  6. ellen cottone says:

    They have your paperwork and keys to your house.
    Maybe a mirical will happen and the dogs will come home.
    Or because I’m sure your dogs were chipped someone will find them. I hope so.

  7. Adrienne says:

    Maria Hartman should check all the shelters in and around the area where the car was found or even the path the thieves used from Texas to Florida. I just have a feeling those dogs were picked up as strays and taken to a shelter. Were they micro chipped because if they were scanned in a shelter, she would hear about them.Hope they find these two dogs and are back soon with their mom. If they were able to arrest the thieves, they might be able to piece together what happened to the dogs and where they are.

  8. linda says:

    Positive thoughts for these loving dogs to be reunited with their owner. Never leave dogs while the car is running. It takes a few seconds to break into a car.

  9. Sherry says:

    This was a terrible move on this lady’s part, putting her animals in such jeopardy…and I do agree, that this was very careless… I do however, think she regrets this and sincerely cares for her animals. Not something I would do, but people do make poor judgements at times. It seems she is very upset and making attempts to recover them safe and sound. Praying for the best outcome for all.


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