Authorities search for creep who tossed puppies over fence during middle of night

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Can there be any other name  than “creep” for the person who tossed two tiny, defenseless puppies over a garden fence in the freezing cold during the middle of the night in West Yorkshire? On Saturday, the RSPCA released a closed circuit video of a man pulling the two pups out of a white carrier bag and tossing them over the wall into the garden of a home in Bradford.

An investigation has been launched, and the public is being asked to help with any information.

“The CCTV clearly shows a man walk past and then stop before holding a carrier bag over the wall and tipping it out into the garden. Then as he walks away, he pauses as the two tiny, disoriented puppies appear from underneath a bush and potter across the lawn,” stated Inspector Sally Bamforth.

According to the Mirror, the time stamp on the surveillance video indicates the two pups were dumped on September 28 at approximately 9:10 p.m. The footage shows the man who dumped the animals wearing a heavy coat, which meant it had been a cold as well as a rainy night. Not only were the puppies too young to be out in inclement weather, they were too young to be away from their mother. Both Lhasa Apso pups were nearly bald as they suffered from severe skin infections. How they survived their ordeal remains a miracle, according to RSPCA personnel caring for the little ones.

“Watching the footage is heartbreaking; anything could have happened to these little pups,” added Inspector Bamforth. Fortunately the homeowner discovered the puppies in her garden just a few hours later and called the animal welfare organization.

The puppies, a male and female are now in the care of the RSPCA Preston and have been named Pippin and Perdy. The two are very bonded and are behaving like happy little puppies. Anyone with information is asked to call 0300 123 8018.

Donations to help with their care can be made by visiting:

(Photos of pups tossed over garden fence handouts from RSPCA)






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  1. hopefully someone will turn him in, then leave him in his underwear in someone’s garden when it is cold and rainy, don’t think he will like it too much.

  2. Maybe a professional can zoom in and enhance the video to show the POS’ face. He isn’t wearing a mask or hat or anything – he should be fairly easy to identify, I think.

  3. And will the RSPCA do anything to find this maggot? More than likely not – they have such a poor reputation that this jerk will never be found, and if, by some miracle he is – the RSPCA will do little to nothing to get him prosecuted. The ONLY saving grace here is that the puppies are OK.


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