Amazing rescue: Puppy suffered burns over 30% of her body from boiling water

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It had been a terrible accident for an owner’s beloved puppy when she accidentally fell into boiling hot water in the village near Udaipur City, Rajasthan, India. Basanti’s owner called Animal Aid Unlimited for help the moment it happened; he found his dog who he had cared for since she was a puppy, hiding in an abandoned building – clearly in agonizing pain. Nearly 30% of her body had been badly burned.

When rescuers arrived, they saw the puppy’s legs and underneath her belly had severe injuries. The skin had started to become necrotic; life saving rescue treatment had to be done immediately or Basanti would have died.

The first order of business, as she arrived at the hospital was to ease her pain, and over a period of time to carefully remove the necrotic tissue to encourage new skin to grow.

Although the puppy was sedated during the painful bandage changes as her burned skin was methodically peeled, it wasn’t until one week later  when all of the burned tissue was finally removed and re-bandaged, did her healing really begin. Such a brave girl Basanti was – no matter how many medical procedures she endured, her tail never stopped wagging nor did her amazing personality, spirit and will to live not shine through.

And three-months later a new, energized puppy played in the yard. Check out the video.

(Photos screenshots via Animal Aid Unlimited)

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3 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Sick asshole who did this I pray they are drenched in boiling water rattle snakes to poison & tigers to eat this person poor kitty I pray he can be saved & a caring home & love ing

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    I find this so called ‘loving’ owner’s story very strange – I am not sure I believe this tale of ‘accidently’ falling into boiling water – BUT thanks to Animal Aid Basanti is recovering.

  3. Darla says:

    I’m not sure I buy the story of an accident either. At any rate, watching them peel away her skin made me nauseous. I know she was sedated but it still had to hurt. She’s definitely a brave girl.


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