Two injured bald eagles freed from storm drain

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Two majestic injured bald eagles were freed from a storm drain on Thursday in Orlando, Florida after tying up traffic for hours at the intersection of Goldenrod and Curry Ford Roads. According to NbcNews, the birds of prey were spotted when one bald eagle had its wings spread out over the other one.

Initially observers thought the one eagle was protecting his mate, however Dianna Flynt from the Audobon Center for Birds of Prey dispelled the rumor. In fact, Dianna stated the birds had probably been fighting with each other when one entered into the other’s territory – a common phenomenon during mating season.

“What we have is a fight going on, and they fight unbelievably to the battle but hopefully not to the death,” stated Dianna.

The bald eagles had likely started fighting with each other while in flight when they became stuck together, and then plummeted into the drain. The first task was to separate the birds, but fortunately Mother Nature helped out on that account when the bald eagle on top was able to fly away after approximately one hour. The injured eagle will be transported to the Audobon Center for Birds and treated. It is hoped he will be able to be returned to the wild. His condtion has not been released.

(Photos and video of bald eagles via Twitter, WftvNews screenshot)

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