Bald eagle vs octopus: Fishermen save eagle trapped by octopus

In Canada, fisherman for Mahatta West Farm rescued a bald eagle trapped in the tentacles of a huge red octopus.  What could have ended up in a deadly match between the two, because of human … Read More

Biker wrapped injured bald eagle in flannel shirt to keep her safe

A Pennsylvania biker rescued a bald eagle on Saturday on Route 30 in Downingtown and wrapped the injured bird in his red flannel shirt to keep her safe. Dandon Miller, 34, had been driving westbound … Read More

Two injured bald eagles freed from storm drain

Two majestic injured bald eagles were freed from a storm drain on Thursday in Orlando, Florida after tying up traffic for hours at the intersection of Goldenrod and Curry Ford Roads. According to NbcNews, the … Read More