Biker wrapped injured bald eagle in flannel shirt to keep her safe

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A Pennsylvania biker rescued a bald eagle on Saturday on Route 30 in Downingtown and wrapped the injured bird in his red flannel shirt to keep her safe. Dandon Miller, 34, had been driving westbound on his motorcycle when he stopped at a traffic jam along the highway.

According to AbcNews, that’s when Miller spotted the injured bald eagle in the middle of the road blocking traffic. He approached the bird, wrapped his flannel shirt around her and picked her up into his crossed arms. The bird didn’t struggle and seemed to know she was being helped.

For the next 45 minutes Miller held the eagle until Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research arrived to take her back to their organization.

“The adult female is resting comfortably after having a wing injury sutured under anesthesia by our wildlife veterinarian. Her abrasions have been cleaned, and she is self-feeding. Her recovery is being closely monitored by our professional staff and volunteers. This is the 45th Bald Eagle that has been admitted to our clinic so far this year,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page.

The eagle suffered injuries to her feet, one wing and her eye and apparently had been struck by a vehicle. She is being treated with antibiotics, pain medication and fluids. When she is healed, she will be released back into the wild.

If you would like to contribute to her care, please go to note in honor of the Downingtown eagle.

Many thanks to Dandon Miller for being a hero to those that cannot speak.

Get well soon beautiful bird and live a long life.

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