Coyote family trapped and killed near LaGuardia Airport

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The Port Authority trapped and killed a coyote family on Tuesday that had been living at a vacant area used as a parking lot at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York. According to the Queens Chronicle,  authorities stated the coyotes posed a threat to employees and local residents whose children played in the nearby ball fields.

In August, three adults, and a litter of five pups had been seen scrounging the area looking for food. Frank Vincente, of the Wild Dog Foundation had been monitoring the pack since June and had hoped officials would leave them alone until the pack left on their own.

“These animals have shown extreme tolerance,” Frank told the New York Daily News. “There’s no reason to get rid of them.”

Unfortunately the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey disagreed, and decided to kill the entire coyote family despite Frank stating the animals had not shown any signs of aggression and had not been in any conflicts with anyone. He had tried to discourage the pack and had hoped they would leave the area. The problem worsened as neighbors had been throwing food to the family keeping them in the area.

Animal activists volunteered to pay for their relocation to the wilds, but the Department of Environmental Conservation said they could not be trapped and released as they would cause problems in their new location.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the following heartbreaking news:

“Last night, five coyotes were located and euthanized to help keep airport travelers, workers and nearby residents safe after the coyotes became acclimated to humans, increasing the possibility of an attack. The actions were in accordance with the law for handling such situations.”

On Wednesday, Frank Vincente, posted a sad farewell to Dumbo on the organization’s Facebook page; one of the coyotes he named because of her enormous ears:

“…she was a small female but ever so curious, she is gone now and those responsible should be ashamed. Sadly her innate curiosity may have been her down fall as it may have made her even more vulnerable and easy to kill. Several times I would chase her, only for her own good, with her only to look back at me as if “why are you doing this to me” with her very feline face. I had enjoyed her since she was 8 weeks old, as she clearly stood out in her beautiful blonde fur and her ears, oh those ears. She was beautiful, as they all were. I will miss you, I will eventually post pictures of her as a young pup and as she grew , when I can.”

Rest in peace wild ones. Life is just so unfair.

(Photo of coyote family via Wild Dog Foundation – photo by James Farrell of the Queens Chronicle)

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7 replies
  1. Susan Duffy says:

    They might have relocated them. I can not see why they had to kill them. They had not hurt anyone. I used to live in California, where coyotes are plentiful and are dangerous. I lost one of my cats to a coyote, so I am someone that would agree with what they did, had there been a REAL reason to kill them… my knowledge, there was no good reason. I read that it was thought that the coyote family posed a threat to people. The issue that I have is that this was just an easy, cheap and lazy way to get rid of them. I read that they were not vicious and really did not pose a threat to anyone. I think that it is sad and is a perfect example of how those in power in this area, treat animals in general. It is always easier for them to kill them, rather than possibly finding them an alternate living situation. Lousy ending for the coyote family.

  2. Teresa Antignani says:

    Truly an abomination, these piece of garbage port authority people have no regard or respect for animals. Their ridiculous excuse for not letting them be relocated proves what scumbags they are. DaVinci said, “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” Sadly, this was said 500 years ago and people are still evil.


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