Dog adopted, returned and forgotten

Handsome dog adopted, returned and forgotten

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Update 11/15/16: Jug Head has been adopted!

Update 11/11/16: Jug Head was “tested” with another large breed dog at the shelter and he did fine. The new stipulation is a home with no small dogs.

A handsome dog, estimated to be just two years of age, was adopted from a California animal shelter and then returned by the family that had made a commitment to give him a home…he has since been forgotten. The young dog, dubbed “Jug Head,” has been waiting for someone to notice him at the VVAPL Humane Society in Apple Valley, since September.

According to a volunteer photographer who takes photos of homeless dogs at the facility, Jug Head is a sweet and friendly dog who enjoys playing fetch. He was returned by the family who adopted him because they claim that he did not get along with their dog (though the volunteer has not observed signs of aggression towards other dogs).


Unfortunately for Jug Head, the shelter staff would like to see this young boy join a home with no other dogs in order to spare him from being returned yet again. Though Jug Head is handsome, young and sweet, the “only dog” scenario is leaving him alone, overlooked and forgotten.

You can help Jug Head find a home by taking a moment to share his information.

Jug Head is located in Kennel B-3

VVAPL Humane Society
21779 Zuni Road
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307

(Photos Susanne Roy)

12 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    It is really sad that he had to be return, since he did not get along with their dog. However and who fault is that?? It’s the shelter, they did not properly do a meet and greet with owners, happens all the time. I am a volunteer at a no kill shelters and we make sure our dogs get along with the owners dog. When a dog is so cute like this one, people are only looking at how adorable they are, not if they will get along with their dog. He is adorable and he will have no problem finding a new home, need to share with the media.

  2. Lisa Rose says:

    I agree with Barkley’s Mom. It may have been the other dog didn’t like Jug Head and may not have liked ANY dog moving into his territory. Jug Head may not have been the problem at all. Give him another chance. If someone already with dog(s) is interested in him, have them bring their dog(s) with them to meet Jug Head and spend some time with him to see how they get along. Maybe he could have a day to a week with them to test the waters. Many rescues do that to make sure the match is a good fit.

  3. Connie says:

    tHIS IS A BEAUTIFUL NON-PIT DOG, CAN YOU GET HOME ON LOCAL TV OR TAKE HIM ON AN ADOPTION DAY OFF PREMISES? In our area, he would be grabbed quickly–is he neutered? Good luck finding a loving home for him. Does your shelter request that an adopter bring their dog with them?

  4. susispot says:

    He has the softest eyes. I bet it was the other dog’s problem. Didn’t want to share the family. I hope Jug Head gets a new and better family and a better name too.

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    It could have been the family’s other dog who had the issues. People really need to be specific when reporting issues. If this sweet boy doesn’t have issues with other dogs at the shelter, it could be that any dog-related issues were from the family’s other dog or that they simply changed their mind and used that as an excuse. A dog can be deemed aggressive and rescue only because of what is reported when they go to a shelter. I hate to think how many have lost their lives because the idiot(s) who dumped them didn’t tell the truth….


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