Rescued shelter pit bull saves life of newborn fawn

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In Paupack Township, Pennsylvania, a 100-pound Great Dane and pit bull mix named Willow became a newborn fawn’s surrogate mother for a short time after the baby’s mother was scared away by an approaching bear, reports the NEagleNews.

In this heartwarming story of an amazing dog – no less a seven-year-old pit bull breed so often sneered upon by the uninformed, Chris and James Ludt had just been getting ready to take Willow for her evening walk when they noticed she had escaped from the family’s fenced in backyard. Moments after they called for Willow, she returned; gently supporting a newborn fawn.

And there she was: Willow gently nuzzled the newborn fawn the Ludts named White Foot. In fact, the couple watched as Willow gently licked the amniotic fluid from the fawn’s recent birth.

“The fawn, apparently believing he had an adopted new mom, responded with affection,” stated Chris as she and her husband were just so emotionally affected by Willow’s gentleness and concern.

With some goat’s milk to help White Foot gain her baby strength, Willow was her constant companion until the mother came out of the woods looking for her baby. The two were soon reunited.

Never are there enough inspirational stories to remind everyone that pit bulls are great dogs. Willow was adopted from the Dessin Animal Shelter when she was six-months-old. It’s all about the owners – stop blaming the dogs. You are a hero Willow, and everyone is proud of you.

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  1. Yaaay Willow…you go pittie dane girlie..making your family so so proud! Do i hear the extra treats coming your way! Pitties are nanny dogs !


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