Police called after dog stabs owner with sharp knife

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Dog stabs owner with a knife – you just can’t make this stuff up. A dumbfounded police officer expressed this very thought when he was called out to investigate a case of possible domestic violence after a Colorado woman went to Platte Valley Medical Center to get a gash on her arm treated.

The patient, Celinda Haynes, told medical staff at the hospital that she was stabbed by her dog, but they didn’t believe her and reached out to the authorities to investigate.  Deputy Zach Johnson, with the Town of Hudson’s Marshal Service, conducted interviews and he determined that there was one, and only one, (albeit unlikely) 4-legged suspect – the family dog, a retriever named “Mia.”

The suspect in the stabbing is not talking…screenshot-41

The story, which Mia can’t deny, has owner Celinda Haynes getting stabbed after her dog managed to steal a very sharp paring knife off of the kitchen counter. When Haynes tried to tempt Mia into dropping the knife (using a treat for enticement) the dog accidentally sliced her owner’s arm open with the blade. Haynes explained to Fox 31 News, “When [Mia] went over to eat the treat, she ran the knife across my arm and cut a big old gash about four 4 inches long.”

Since Mia is a dog, she won’t be charged with a crime – the authorities have chalked this strange situation up as a “suspicious incident.”

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  1. penny's Dachshund says:

    since Colorado is a Legalized State I thought maybe the lady was maybe impaired or perhaps the Dog had indulged in Legalized toking!!! Ha!!! All is well that ends well!!!

  2. Lean Hart says:

    Nowadays, dogs are gonna terrible. I am really shocked by this news. How is this possible?? I don’t think anymore. Through it seems suspicious but don’t know. Police will find out the true.


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