NYPD officers rescue 2 dogs near drowning in NC flood waters

Leave it to New York City’s finest to help out when our four legged friends are in deep peril as first responder officers rescued two dogs near drowning in North Carolina flood waters ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. According to a Twitter photo posted by NYPD Special Ops, Detective Russell Thatcher, a member of NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit, waded through waist-deep flood waters in Lumberton to save the two small dogs trapped in a partially submerged home.

The photo posted on Twitter showed Thatcher carrying the dogs under his arms back to the team’s rescue boat, where a NYC firefighter lent a hand.

According to the New York Post, the NYPD has been an enormous help to both pets and people. Over the weekend, members of the New York Task Force Team 1, comprised of city firefighters and police officers, ran to the rescue of three people stuck in a sinking SUV. The passengers climbed onto the roof of their vehicle as first responders were able to pull up alongside of them in a rescue boat.

Awesome work NYPD … you are heroes.

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