Severely neglected young dog to lose both eyes

Neglected dog to lose eyes
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A young dog, estimated at just two years of age, was so severely neglected in his short life that he will lose both of his eyes. According to the non-profit rescue organization, Leave No Paws Behind, the young dog named “Patrick,” has been suffering for an unknown period of time with damaged eyes that have undoubtedly caused him great agony.

On Wednesday, the rescue agency updated Facebook followers about the neglected dog who was recently rescued from the busy Baldwin Park Animal Services facility in California. The group wrote:

Oh we could just not get enough of this little man! His blood work came back good with just a few little hiccups all due to his eyes and malnutrition. Doc tells me those eyes are extremely painful and he will remain on pain management until his surgery date when both eyes will be removed

Though Patrick is “very skinny,” he has a great appetite, so his rescuers are doing their utmost to help him gain much needed weight. The rescue group stated, “His left eye was recently ruptured and we can not even imagine the agony he endured. His right eye is virtually gone and Doc believes that is from an old injury or rupture. Patrick is one of the saddest, most heart breaking cases we have seen in a long time. At 2 years old he has only known abuse, neglect, pain and suffering.”


According to Leave No Paws Behind, Patrick is scheduled to have his painfully damaged eyes removed on Friday. As soon as he is ready, he will move to a foster home to be pampered, and eventually, he will be available for adoption.

Find Patrick’s rescuers on Facebook here.


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