Bedford shelter worker fatally beats cat after it escapes from cage

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An animal shelter employee has been fired and charged with animal cruelty after allegedly authorities state he fatally beat a cat at the Bedford County Animal Shelter in Virginia while cleaning the shelter cages, reports WsetNews.

According to Bedfordg County Animal Control deputies, Bryan Skinnell, had been cleaning out the shelter cages on August 10 when one of the shelter cats escaped. Skinnell told authorities he became frustrated the cat kept running away thus attacking and beating the cat. The cat was taken to a local veterinarian where his injuries were deemed too severe; the pet was humanely euthanized.

Necropsy reports state the cat died from blunt force trauma. Skinnell faces felony animal cruelty charges and is currently out of jail from the Bedford Detention Center on his own recognizance.

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    • GPC says:

      Maybe because we do not hold these positions in high enough esteem. Difficult conditions, low wages – do not always attract the best applicants, yet I stress that likely most shelter employees are among the most dedicated and compassionate people we could hope to find on the planet. Definitely do some serious background checking on prospective employees.


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