Nassau County college student sentenced to 2 weeks in jail for beating dog to death

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A former Adelphi University college student from China was sentenced to 14 days in jail on Thursday for the fatal beating of his two-year-old Pomeranian, reports NewsDay.

According to Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas, Bing Jie Yang, 25, repeatedly hit his dog named DanDan after the dog went to the bathroom on his carpeting in his apartment on April 7th 2015.  Dan Dan died from internal injuries including a fractured liver, internal bleeding in his brain, and broken ribs.

“This helpless dog died a horrific death at the hands of the man who had a responsibility to care for him,” Singas said. “No pet should ever be subjected to this kind of abuse, and my office will continue to bring these cases and to fight for stronger laws that reflect the seriousness of crimes like these,” stated Singas as reported by Fox News.

Singas had asked the court to sentence Yang the maximum sentence of up to a year in jail. Instead, Supreme Court Justice Jerald Carter gave Yang 14 days in jail, banned him from owning or caring for an animal for the next three years, and ordered him to register with the county’s Animal Abuse Registry.

It’s time to change the antiquated  animal cruelty laws to better protect animals and punish those who abuse them in cases just like this. Rest in peace Dan Dan.

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  1. Penalties do need to increase, however, what about judges imposing the maximum sentences allowed under current law? That would help. Why did he get 14 days and not a year? If he could beat this tiny dog to death, he will do it again, and do it to a child, a woman, whoever makes him mad. It is disgusting that he was given a slap on the wrist.

      • Send the dam judge to prison for not doing the right thing and put that murdering bastard or bastards in prison for life for murder just like if he or she had killed a so called human.

    • this student is mentally sick…and he’ll do something cruel again. what did the court do to address putting a perpetrator back out on street… !?!

      • You read my mind exactly!! I think these judges need a wake up call. Rather than use all of us as pawns to dispose of while we realize just how dangerous this person is, I think there should be a drawing with the judge, and the plaintiffs attorney and the defendants attorneys addresses in a basket and whoever draws the short straw gets to have this sicko move in next door and see how that 14 days really sent a message home and reformed this sick sadistic abuser. And your grandchildren will be staying with you for a month while the parents need to leave on a business trip. Well, see just how non-chalet they are when it’s their family at risk?!

  2. This ‘judge’ needs to be retired from the bench! He’s an absolute disgrace! Giving this feral brutish BARBARIAN two weeks instead of a year when he’s committed such a vicious and heinous act against an innocent puppy is despicable! The puppy died because that POS was too lazy, stupid, or didn’t care enough to take his dog out or even train him to use the potty. Then the scumbag lost his temper and blamed the poor baby for HIS LAZINESS. Why are there so many pathetic jerks sitting on our nation’s benches as judges when they clearly lack the ability to do the job anyway?

  3. This POS needs to be beaten, he waste to society. As for this judge he obviously has no regards to an animal’s life. As weak as the law was, not to give him the maximum. Jerald Carter needs to be removed from the bench.

  4. just down right sick, cruel,sadistic,sad and heartwrenching! I hope he is beat up in jail! How can this heartless judge show this awful man some real justice,when he himself isn’t serious enough with the law he broke! f*** him!

  5. What is the Judge just being a pussy cause the kid is from China? Get some balls Judge, 2 weeks for killing an innocent puppy is hardly enough time for his action. Send him home, NOW

  6. I think this JUSTICE!!!! JERALD CARTER should be disbarred !!! Better yet I hope he has a daughter and the PUKE starts to DATE her …. THEN lets see how JUSTICE!!! CARTER THINKS of that SITUTATION!!!! Our COUNTRY doesn’t need JUSTICE handed down by the likes of this GUY!

  7. Believe me – human kids will be next! 2 weeks is ludicrous! What are you going to do when he starts on children? He is a sick individual.

    • yep dottie,
      it is true he has been killing and abusing since he was 3-4yrs. He came to the states and now he is tagged chipped, expelled from a new york state University , in the nys penal system he is marked, disgraced and unemployable. he cant even get a job at toco bell (they have a chi as an unoffical mascott) Id say our work here is done.some times you have to calm down and step back a few steps so you can see the clear picture. they got this one.
      i would like to change to no pets for 3 yrs changed to indefinataly. like we have here in suffolk county Ny

      • People like this are unpredictable. The only sure bet is to deport him or lock him up. Violence is violence and shouldn’t be tolerated. Why not lock him up for 10 to 20 years? I bet he would have thought twice before beating his dog to death. If not, we’ll we’re all a little bit safer.

  8. The judge gave that low-life piece of s*** 14 f****** days in jail what was a child 15 days judge you are a f****** a****** I don’t know where the f*** is water coming from but f*** you and f*** everyone else get your s*** together people animals are spiteful as human beings the sad thing is you make beans order trash garbage Unfortunately they suck

    • I Would like to see the citizens, tax payer, voters,& animal lovers in Nassau County sign a petition demanding that “Judge Carter” be removed from the bench !!!! Believe me it works , a group of individual’s did this in Billings, Montana and a Judge of many, many years is no longer on the bench!!!

      • Dear Penny, I agree 100%… please ANYONE LISTENING, if you live in Nassau County, start a petition and I will sign and share and donate funds to get the petition to even more potentinal participants. I am outraged and sickened by the lack of seriousness that this judge gave to this case. He killed the pet because the pet pooped on the carpet… HE IS INSANELY OVER REACTING BY KILLING AN INNOCENT PRECIOUS LIFE. MAYBE THE PIECE OF SHIT OWNER AND THE JUDGE DOESNT CARE ABOUT THE DEATH OF THIS ANIMAL BUT WE DO! And If I lived in that area I would be at the court house demanding JUSTICE! I cannot believe Animal Advocates, Rescue Groups have not stepped up to the plate and voiced their outrage over the lack of JUSTICE given to DAN DAN… SHAMAE ON THE JUDGE AND MAY THE LITTLE BASTARD THAT KILLED HIM, BE HAUNTED TO HIS DIEING DAY BY LITTLE DAN DAN. AND MAY GOD AND KARMA RETURN THE FAVOR OF DEATH TO THE PIECE OF SHIT OWNER VERY SOON, HOPE YOUR LIFE HERE ON EARTH IS A VERY SHORT ONE!

      • Shelly: I seriously think main stream individuals don’t REALLY stop to consider the seriousness of an incident like this… Having worked in the medical field for almost 30 years and mostly dealing with addiction and mental illness issues< I in all honesty feel this young man is NOT DONE HARMING the lives of ANIMALS NAD VERY POSSIBLY HUMANS … A girlfriend that doesn't comply with his wishes, a young child that may piss him off, and elder that looked at him in a strange fashion, or the poor little animal that had to relieve itself on the carpet, more than likely because this Psychopath left Dan Dan locked up for hours on end. A PROFESSIONAL Member of the BAR ASSOCIATION should be EDUCATED ENOUGH to see this possible psychopathic trait in this individual, and not and just given him a slap on his hand and let him go.. This Judge IS SIMPLY NOT VESTED IN THE SAFETY of others, OR IN DOING HIS JOB.

    • i agree, 14 days in jail?? why judge? i suppose animals mean nothing to u either, remember China slaughters and kills dogs to eat at their annual meat festival in June.

      • Exactly. These dog-eaters come here for a better education than they could get in China — how about we educate them on respect for animals by fining and incarcerating this little barbarian and then sending him home!

      • They don’t even enforce the to small penalties in place now. I have tiny Dogs and they will poop in the house if you don’t take care of them the right way .I hope some animal lover Pummels him to death SLOWLY

  9. Deport this embarrassment to the Chinese Community and make sure Social Media is plastered with his sick twisted act back in China. The Chinese work hard not to lose face so hopefully they will fix him for bringing shame.

    • the chinese eat dogs but make sure they suffer horrable. you are making the mistake in thinking they are a culture that sees life the way they you as an american sees life.they do not. they hang living dogs upside down and skin them alive.
      infront of each other. so you can buy your little fur trimed UGGS and fur trim parkers.
      are you happy?
      now you know. they couldnt give a crap about animal welfare or shame.
      Maybe we can change that. Are you with me? Friend?

  10. the judge in this case needs to be removed from the bench. the college student needs to receive the maximum penalty for killing this helpless animal.

  11. Send this piece of shit back to China where they also condone unspeakable acts in female babies! Get this piece of shit outa here

  12. Deport the piece of s–t back to China! He doesn’t deserve to breathe American air! And the judge with him. Or make him the babysitter of the judges kids and grandkids!

  13. 2 weeks!! Is that all an animals lifebis worth! ???? What is the reason our judicial system is so poorly ran!! What is it that these police, public defenders and judges don’t see!! Do they need to hear the cries of these animals as they cry out in pain & fear? Lay in blood, urine and feces dying a slow awful death!! What is it going to take?!!

  14. I’m a firm believer in an eye or an eye and a tooth for a tooth dogs or the most loving loyal friends a human can have to beat a dog to death is evil and shows there is something mentely wrong with that person prison isn’t enough I firmly believe what ever you do to the animal you should get the same treatment no human rights at all that person lost there human right when they inflicted pain on any breathing mammal this type of punishment would make some people think twice about there actions not everyone but if it stops more animals from been hurt then that’s got to be a start when did 14 days for taking a life become exeptable dogs have rights and a life for a life is the only punishment I can see exeptable

  15. He can be deported, right? Protest that 1) the judge is removed from the bench, and 2) that this scum is deported. I am trying to imagine what it felt like to be beaten to death like that little dog but I cannot. I wish the abuser could feel that as well.

  16. This bastard will harm animals in China if he leaves this country. The best lesson for the scumbag POS is that someone beats him to death. What an abuser does to an animal should be done to him. As for the Fucked up Judge maybe he would come to his senses if this low life scumbag beat to death the Judge’s wife, children, siblings etc. and we will think nothing of it since he put this coward bastard in jail for two damn ass weeks. Big damn deal judge you suck so give up your credentials you are an asshole. Yang I would love to get your coward ass and torture the living shit out of you since you are a wasted scum on this earth. I hope his future is shit.

  17. Another Piece of Shit Asian. .send this Dirtbags back to the Hell Hole China! What the Fuck is wrong with this Judge! Hey Chinese asshole I have a baseball bat I want to show you how it feels!

  18. Send him to north korea. He fits right in!
    Shame his mother didn’t beat him to death when he pissed or poohed or vomited on the floor as a baby.

  19. He should be charged for his actions. I love dogs. Worked with alot of animals for years. I say it matteres not that his victim was a dog. It is however very very very disturbing that someone of this age committed such a mentally ,emotionally and sick crime. Kids showing signs of a serial killer. WHY! Would be my question. 2 weeks in jail ,probably not the answer to the problem. Some truth jucie is easy to to provide. Get the real kid exposed. Then decide prison or mental hospital.

  20. He should be deported back ot china and made to live on one of those fishing boats the rest of his life. I am sure that is what he was trying to escape by coming here for education

  21. He should suffer the same as the dog did I would do it the dog must have been terrified & a small dog like this it would not have taken a lot to destroy it WHY have a dog to be cruel are you afraid to fight anything bigger or what can fight back give him to me I will kick his arse till his nose bleeds send him to UK I will do it

    • Exactly Chris. What an animal abuser does to animals needs to be done to them. If this shit was done to this Judge’s kids I wonder what he would do maybe it will happen and this asshole will realize he is a scumbag also.

  22. This vile and evil Chinese animal torturer Jie Yang should be bashed to death the same as this evil monster bashed his innocent and helpless little dog Dan Dan to death. 2 weeks in jail for bashing and taking the life of this innocent and helpless little dog to death, what an absolute disgrace. The Judge is an absolute disgrace. This animal torturing monsters should be sent back to his vile and evil animal torturing China and never allowed to return This monster must be bashed to death. The vile and evil Chinese are known as the vilest of heinous animal torture and suffering Worldwide for the unimaginable atrocities these Chinese monsters commit against the defenceless and innocent animals. I hate and despise the animal torturing Chinese race of filth.
    Kill this lowlife.


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