By court order, killings halted at Ohio animal control

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For the time being, the killings have been halted at an animal control agency in Ohio where cases of distemper have been discovered. According to Thursday’s NBCi 4 News, a judge has granted a temporary restraining order which mandates that no more dogs can be put down at the Franklin County Department of Animal Care and Control.

The court order was granted after the filing of a lawsuit was filed by several rescue agencies, including Peace for Paws Ohio, Julie Robert, Pittie Paw Rescue, I Have a Dream Rescue Organization and RescuedOhio. On Thursday, RESCUEDohio updated Facebook followers about the restraining order, and the need for funds to meet the required bond:

Today, four rescue groups filed a temporary restraining order against the Franklin County Dog Shelter to stop the shelter from euthanizing healthy, vaccinated dogs. Common Pleas Court Judge Holbrook granted the order, but it has no force unless the rescues can post a $100,000 bond. We need your help. These dogs need you, too.

Before the restraining order was granted a total of 84 dogs were put down for signs of sickness. The shelter killings came about after distemper was confirmed at the Columbus facility – however, of the 84 dogs killed, only three tested positive for the disease.

Nearly 200 dogs remain at the animal control facility – individuals who adopted a dog during the outbreak (since August 8) can call the shelter at 614-525-3647 if they are concerned that their pet might be infected.

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