Dying homeless man seeks home for his beloved dog

Dying homeless man seeks loving home for his beloved dog

Less than two months – all the time that a homeless man in Fresno, California, has left to live. Before cancer steals his life, he has something of vital importance that needs to be accomplished…finding a loving home for his beloved dog, Baby.

According to Saturday’s Miami Herald, 60-year-old Clifford Herbert lost his home and job when he suffered medical complications following heart surgery back in 2006. Life has been a struggle, but Baby, the dog he rescued from an abusive situation, is his source of companionship and love. He told the Herald, “She’s my whole world. She’s my best friend. She protects me.”

Tragically, the cancer in Herbert’s body has spread to his brain and he is expected to be alive for a mere six weeks of time.

A kind woman, who took note of Herbert’s situation, is doing her utmost to help. Jenine-Lacette DShazer set up a GoFundMe account and she is using the funds to pay for an extended-stay hotel where Herbert and Baby can be together. On the fundraiser, the cost to make this possible is detailed:

I would also like to keep the two of them in their current residential hotel home together, Crossland Suites, for the month or so he has left to live. The weekly rate for the two of them is $366 and the monthly rate is just under $1400.

She added:

we just need to raise funds for ongoing costs of feeding and housing Cliff and Baby for the month of December and January. The aim is to find donors, trusted friends and visitors. Cliff will likely be gone by the end of January so we also need a permanent wonderful home for Baby by then. Cliff will want to meet you and smooth the transition from his care of Baby to yours. They are sensitive kind souls who have a lot of love to give and receive.

Baby has received veterinary care from the funds donated so far – DShazer detailed what has been done for the young dog:

We have paid for Baby’s vetting out of the donations made. She went to my own vet, Dr. Whitney Janzen at the Animal Medical Clinic in the Tower District, and was spayed, boarded for post-surgery observation, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and examined overall for a very reasonable rate.

Baby needs a safe, loving home with a responsible, committed owner. Individuals in the area who are interested are asked to contact DShazer at jenineimages@gmail.com or 323-369-1813.

Click here to find the fundraiser.

  1. Yvonne Johnson
    Yvonne Johnson says:

    I barely make it with my Social Security, but I will repost and hopefully keep up. I am fortunate, when I was growing up, my family had animals, I had all intentions of becoming a Veterinarian. .things happen. I live in xan apartment complex, they allow pets, but I cannot afford. I spend time here on Social Media attempting to find help for PRECIOUS ANIMALS

    • Tracy Nagel
      Tracy Nagel says:

      I really don’t know, but does fostering a pet cost you anything but sharing your home? If they shelter takes care of expenses, maybe that’s what you should do? Seems you need a companion as well as pets do. If not, maybe set up a gofundme acct. For yourself….you are at least providing the home…shoot I would send you dog food, toys whatever once a month to help?

      • LMJ
        LMJ says:

        Unfortunately, it does cost money to have pets. I believe I read it was $11K for the lifetime of a cat, $14K for the lifetime of a small dog and between $17 and $19k for a large dog.

      • Yvonne Johnson
        Yvonne Johnson says:

        am going to see my Primary Care Doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, I will find PHYSICAL THERAPHY TO HELP ME WALK ON MY OWN. THANK YOU, BUT I WANT TO BE ABLE TO TAKE THE PRECIOUS 4LEGGED OUT TO POOP, PEE,.PAY MY WAY
        I am so sorry, I am crying . I PRAY FOR ALL WHO have Precious 4leggeds. .I pray for all FIRST RESPONDERS : RED, BLUE:2legged, 4legged all LOST , MISSING PETS. ..TODAY MEALS ON WHEELS DIDN’T DELIVER, I THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER PRECIOUS 2LEGGED, VETERAN, who volunteers at the FOOD BANK…IN ORDER TO HAVE ANY PET, THERE’S A $250 NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, extra $15/month rent…THANK YAL, , BUT.😊 I WILL KEEP COURTESY REPOSTING WHEN I can..seems. a lot of 2leggeds can’t keep control of their PRECIOUS 4LEGGEDS …THANK YAL. I WILL KEEP YAL IN MY THOUGHTS & PRAYERS GOD BE WITH US ALL

      • Yvonne Johnson
        Yvonne Johnson says:

        I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING TARDYIN RESPONDING I THOUGHT I DID. Cost for Pet Deposit, rent added on to regular ti rent. I knew of one lady, who claimed she was fostering. SHE DID NOT PAY DEPOSIT OR ADDITIONAL. NEEDLESS TO SAY SHEMOVED THE PRECIOUS 4LEGGED WENT ELSELSEWHERE

    • Tracy Nagel
      Tracy Nagel says:

      Wow…just scrolled down….I didn’t realize the next comment you made!! Just wasted my time trying to help give advice to a cold hearted “faith in humanity lost” type of human!? Nm, Yvonne Johnson! Sorry I wasted mine and others who have read this, their time..SMH

      • lucy
        lucy says:

        Im on a fixed income, an ive taken in a total of 7 dogs, 3 pits , n 3 chihuahuas, and 1 wennie dog, an i mix ramen soups with the dry dog food that i feed them and all my dogs are healthy n welk taken care of, an as for their shots, that was free , even getting them fixed n with their chips, the aspca or is aspc, is always having a mobile truck that funds those types of events, and well i jus attend, so if youd really wanted to help out, u wouldnt come out with outrageous amounts, n if someone is offering food, toys , an anything else for the lil fella, then by all means,, HELP OUT, DONT MAKE EXCUSES,,, PLEASE

  2. Patricia Green
    Patricia Green says:

    What wonderful people u are for helping this man and his baby… I will past this on I too am having Financial circumstances so all I can do is pass this on Bless u both…

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Wow I just posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for a new best friend. But unfortunately I live in Washington state I would love to bring baby In to my home.but I don’t see that happening. I’m having a hard time holding back tears as I know how baby’s best friend is feeling.knowing he has to rehome her because of his illness. Will somebody please give both of them a great big hug from me .GOD BLESS EVERYONE I HOPE BABY FINDS A GREAT HOME.

  3. Edward
    Edward says:

    First of all you’re a beautiful person to think about your dog you’re my hero I hope you enjoy those final 6 Plus weeks so if you and baby together and you find her a very very good home so much for that my friend remember life is not always Fair

  4. Alisa Clark
    Alisa Clark says:

    God bless this sweet soul cancer is so ugly . My prayers is that you have just as long as you can with baby and when the time comes you will have found a loving home for baby❤️️🐶

  5. Barkley's Mom
    Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping this man and his precious dog in my prayers, Bless Ms DShazer for all she is doing, there are still Angels that walk among us.

  6. Yvonne Johnson
    Yvonne Johnson says:


  7. Robin Grondin
    Robin Grondin says:

    Prayers for Guardian Angels to guide Cliff through a gentle transition and prayers for Baby to find a safe, loving forever home and happiness💫💜⭐💜💫

  8. Barbara Robinson
    Barbara Robinson says:

    Thank you ever so much for helping this man. You have an amazing heart. I tried to share this for you but doesn’t all me to. Could I get you to send this to a page I have created for stories like this and those of Shelter Animals in need of new homes. This page is called (Saving Shelter Animals). Please post this there and it goes out to thousands and thousands of people and there is a large majority of them in and near the CA area. This site will help you get the word out not only for donations but will help you find his dog a new home. Also try to contact some of the local rescues in the area, they can assist you in finding a new home as well. Please keep us posted on this gentleman’s statues and if your able to find his dog a new home.

  9. Darla
    Darla says:

    I will be praying for you guys may God be with you…you and baby enjoy the special time you have together and have God help you find that special person for baby.

  10. Deea Eagan
    Deea Eagan says:

    Have The Salvation Army of broward or Dada country provide this homeless person and his dog atone on their campuses.mthey must also be able be able to feed and vet the dog and and feed and care for the man as well while keeping them together
    Deena Eagan, Salvaltionist, NJ Division

  11. Teri
    Teri says:

    Bless his heart… why do ppl have to die alone ? This man should have the best of care noone should have to bealone this story is so sad…

    • Yvonne ackley
      Yvonne ackley says:

      He won’t have to die alone, will he ? Please, don’t let him die alone. He needs someone even if it’s just to hold his hand.

        REBECCA DUFF says:

        I agree with you Yvonne ackley about holding his hand…nothing like a human touch to ease pain. Maybe the lady helping him out can get a hold of Hospice to help him along….God Bless all of you with your kind words and prayers for him and his dog. Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 reads: For what happens to the children of man and what happens to the beasts is the same; as one dies, so dies the other. They all have the same breath, and man has no advantage over the beasts, for all is vanity. All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return. We will all see our beloved pets again, of that I have no doubt.

  12. Brenda Minarik
    Brenda Minarik says:

    You are a kind person who cares can you please update we would like to hear how everything is going maybe post some pictures???

  13. Nilanjana Chatterjee
    Nilanjana Chatterjee says:

    I feel very bad for the man. I hope and pray that the dog finds a very loving home and lives happily ever after. It is nice that they are getting help and will spend the last few days together comfortably

  14. Paula Gelunas
    Paula Gelunas says:

    As a nurse I know that this man is in terrible pain and as his time nears he will require medical attention so having the peace of mind which will be going soon that his wonderful loyal companion is safe he will die peacefully. I hope they let his dog into the hospital at the end. Thank you for doing this you are a good soul and will be taken care of in the afterlife. I did post to a mean nasty post as she ( yvonne Jonson) got under my skin. If you don’t want to read or repost don’t but she didn’t have to be so nasty

  15. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I live in Canada, or I would take baby in a heart beat, I am a huge animal lover and have two dogs now and two cats, but I would take that baby in a heart beat. I wish I could afford to have baby sent up to me and give her a loving home. God bless you and I pray that baby gets a loving home.

    • Carla
      Carla says:

      I don’t know the details, but if there are serious adopters out of area one should contact “Pilots and Paws” for help transporting.

  16. Yvonne Leah Moen-Saldivar
    Yvonne Leah Moen-Saldivar says:

    I’M IN TEARS 🙁 I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS POOR MAN AND HIS DOG.I wish I could take this SWEETHEART .i too live in a extended stay looking for a rental . Have 2 dogs
    Praying for a huge MIRACLE for this poor man. And his dog.My 2 sister’s are Breast cancer survivors. So I really feel bad for them bothe .The man and his dog..and you Lady you should be ashamed of yourself.you clearly have no Heart.

  17. Sharon Miller
    Sharon Miller says:

    Have a couple of suggestions : 1. Fresno Bully Rescue for Baby. 2. Hospice care for Cliff. Hospice will give Cliff some very important needed services. Pm me for more info if you need it.

    • Michelle
      Michelle says:

      Yes, and best to contact them ASAP, or ARF, Valley Animal Center or even Cat House on the Kings. Get as many rescue groups as possible involved.

      REBECCA DUFF says:

      Yes, Hospice is great for people in his situation. He can stay where he is at with his dog right up til his time. Hospice helps with the transition. I hope she will get in touch with them.

  18. Fabiola
    Fabiola says:

    Asking the good Lord up above to wrap his healing hands over this gentleman and to give him much comfort during this tough time. Prayers that goes up always come down and get answered!! My family resides in SC and if we were closer, we would have loved to take Baby in!! May God bless you!!!

  19. Lee Stevens
    Lee Stevens says:

    Harlee’s Angels in Riverside, CA will gladly welcome this baby to our flock of furry angels. We just need transportation to Riverside, CA. Please contact Shawna Hamon 19512953272

  20. Amy
    Amy says:

    Please get hospice involved as well. If he has cancer and is dying, he will qualify and can get help. There will be a nurse to visit usually 2-3 times per week, more if needed. There is a social worker that can help with resources and a chaplain to help him heal spiritually. They will cover comfort meds and any meds related to the cancer diagnosis. I am a hospice nurse and take care of people with minimal resources who sometimes live in shelters. Hospice is a blessing and can help.

  21. Scotty Jepsen
    Scotty Jepsen says:

    I wish Mr Clifford & Miss Baby lived nearer to me, I would take both off them into my home & let them enjoy their time together,& Baby could continue to spend the rest off her days with me & my dogs. I live out in the country,on a dead end lane, with acreage that is all fenced in. There is only one other family on the Lane,& they live @ one end & I at the other. It is so peaceful & quiet here,& is just what they both need….s

  22. Katrina Campbell
    Katrina Campbell says:

    This is proof that our government, the citizens are piles of shit. This man is dying and living on the street!? Yet we let every POS that name ends with ‘z’. Get housing, food stamps, medical. And they’re too stupid to learn to speak English.
    This man and his baby should be a priority. What? He will die cold, lonely and alone because the human race sucks?

  23. Alison
    Alison says:

    WOW! Completely uncalled for! You dont want to share? Fine, scroll on by! No need for rudeness! Karma is a b*tch! I hope you dont need the help one day….

  24. leslie
    leslie says:

    I am not able to help financially right now but am networking on facebook, I work with animals and have friends in rescue. It would be helpful to people who want to help to put more specific info about the dog – age, size, mix/breed health concerns if any, good with people/dogs/cats, etc. a lot of shares get lost in the cross-sharing, and the more info you have in the one direct post the better. That way if someone sees it, they don’t have to backtrack to original post. also put in that who they should contact to consider adopting. Sending lots of good vibes for this loving man to see his baby in a forever home so he can leave this world in peace xx

  25. Stevie
    Stevie says:

    Hi my name is Steve Vincek, even though I live on east coast I’ve got a large number of animal rescue contacts on west coast. I’ve shared with all of them, if some one would like to keep me in loop on this mans condition & dog it be great. Please feel free to send me a messag or friend request just lmk who u are & gladly will friend u.

    With warmest wish for man & mans best friend
    Steve vincek

  26. Nancy Tapper
    Nancy Tapper says:

    I would love to have baby I have dogs already and am very interested I called but no one called back I have a. Veterinary doctor who is the best how does one go about getting her ???

  27. Ritche Risoldi
    Ritche Risoldi says:

    First. Mr. Cliff. My, deepest sympathy and sorrow, for the situation, faced by, yourself and your poor dog. I cannot inmagine, the depth of your concern or need, for your dog’s future or the resolve, strength, you maintain to see this through, for your beloved dog. I hope a spirit of charity and support, follow. I am, without words to your suffering and trepidations.

    I have been, shaken by, the torment and tragedy, befallen Mr. Cliff and his beloved dog. Fellow commenter.

    The consensus is palpablegally.

    To address the ‘One’ off-color remark /statement, made and distain, and contempt held.. The ‘lady’ in contention, has issues – but the only, ‘issue’ here is, Mr. Cliff and his poor dog. Please. Try to keep the focus, on the need of this gentleman and the future care and well being of his, beloved dog. There is, a wonderful organization, in Utah ‘Best Friends’ and a ‘volunteer’ pet flight program and trucker transport program, on facebook, who work to aide dogs, in this circumstance and worse if it, can be imagined. Sadly, true. Mr. Cliff, requires compassion and puts, his dog before, himself. Showing, true, unconditional love. Disregard ‘off-subject’ comments or ‘ignorance’ and offer instead the same dedication and unconditional humanity, due these two, in their greatest time of need and hope, in mankind.

    If there was, ever a reason, for the season. Then, ‘celebrate’ the love held, between these two, yet having, purpose and deep understanding and value, in life shared of hope to realize, for the future of his beloved dog and the quality of remaining, time allowed them, together.

    T%hank you. For reading and if contention should, arrise over, my ‘thoughts’ save, the effort and hate and use thd delete button to silence my plea. The issue, disregarded, in action and purposeful effort will, soon be silent enough.


    • Star Shelley
      Star Shelley says:

      Thank you Ritche, well said. Some of this comments really got off track as to why this homeless man seeks a loving home for his beloved baby It’s a shame that we have some bad apples in the basket and this world.. This site should only be for comments for how we can help this gentlemen out.

  28. Nobby Walsh
    Nobby Walsh says:

    I am in the opposite, i lost my beloved jack russell x springer to lymphatic cancer in november and am still very much heartbroken and at a loss knowing she’s not beside me anymore, god keep you safe in heaven you wonderful caring soul and may he lift up his countenance upon you, and you and you’re baby shall one day cross the ‘rainbow bridge’ together peace brother.

  29. Ling
    Ling says:

    First of all, please stop responding to the ugly comments. It just fuels their fire. Second, do we have info.regarding Baby’s age, weight, breed? Most folks will want to know that and I didn’t see that. Thank you for your efforts. I know that my two pups would be a primary concern under those circumstances.

  30. Ritche Risoldi
    Ritche Risoldi says:

    Hi. Fellow comment or.

    Firstly. The mis-spelled word: ‘Palpable’

    Secondly. The volunteer transport organization: ‘Cloud Nine Rescue Flights’ and links, from their ‘Facebook’ presence will, connect to the ‘trucker’s site and more, in the attempt and true desire and hope, that Mr.Cliff will, have his holiday wish and his prayer, answered, for his beloved dog’s future and wellbeing, after they, must leave, one anothrr’s embrace.


  31. Marlene Warren
    Marlene Warren says:

    I’ll take her. I’ve been looking for a dog to rescue for my family. I live in Fresno. How do I contact him or the vet?

    • Barkley's Mom
      Barkley's Mom says:

      I suppose we don’t but I’ve never known Penny Eims to post any “scams” and trust that she researched it before she did post this story, No one is twisting your arm or making you help this man and his dog, so why bring it up?

  32. Tracy Nagel
    Tracy Nagel says:

    Beautiful but sad story….beleive both of their happiness has just begun sharing the little time they had/& have together! Good things don’t end at the moment of death….this man’s companion will share the love, commitment, strength and more! to another individual, couple or a family who adopts him. This man will watch over those who need him….everyone has a purpose in life!? Make your purpose to maintain faith in humanity…be kind to one another. This world doesn’t have to be filled with so much hate!? We are the only ones that can make this world a better place!? Treat others as you want to be treated …if they don’t like it? Kill those with kindness!? It truly works, makes people wonder “I don’t know why I’m being such an ass!?” Lol ….

      REBECCA DUFF says:

      Thanks for that comment Tracy! And with that I honestly hope that no one will reply or have any more hateful remarks to post on here to anyone. Ignore them! Like it was just posted, “kill them with kindness” !!

  33. Donna Clark Robertson-Jones
    Donna Clark Robertson-Jones says:

    Please someone there help this man get hospice care. He can get help, and please let the dog stay with him as long as possible. Also please someone be with him. Don’t let him die alone . I know he has his best friend but a human touch or pastor would be so helpful. Please reach out to a church for help too. God Bless you kind sir. Don’t worry about your furbaby. She WILL get the best home and one day see you again. I believe All dogs go to Heaven.🙏🐶❤

  34. Jennifer Huffman
    Jennifer Huffman says:

    First off my prayers to cliff and baby, i think i used to help him with baby he loved her more than anything. I looked up to him because he taught me if you have an animal and you end up homeless dont give it up just because you loose your home because your pet will always be by your side through hell and back. And second has anyone found baby a home yet? If not ill take her

    • snufflesdbear
      snufflesdbear says:

      Yes, he has. The Fresno Bee has an update. As well as the fundraising link having and update. If you are interested in helping dogs (or cats) in similar situations here in Ohio, let me know. I am on facebook as SnufflesDbear

  35. Helena rice
    Helena rice says:

    I’m reading the wonderfull things that are being done to help them both have precious time left together and also the people who dare to comment with horrible nasty remarks these people have no place on here with us decent folks go back under the stone you crawled from vile ugly people im sending this from Falkirk Scotland uk 🇬🇧 god bless the both of them ❤🐕🐾

  36. Chiara Tellini
    Chiara Tellini says:

    I don’t live close enough to Fresno to rescue that dog, but if I did, I would. If anyone wants to bring him to Pasadena, he has a home.

  37. Elizabeth Morgan
    Elizabeth Morgan says:

    God Bless this Man and his loyal, loving companion, Baby. Please … please … rescue angels … find a forever home for sweet Baby. Thank you for all you do. Amen! ~ NW Florida

    • MG Hays
      MG Hays says:

      If you click on the link for donations, there is an update that Baby is in her new home. There are pictures of her in her new home with her new family. Unfortunately Cliff was having problems caring for her so they re-homed her early. It does not say how Cliff is doing.

  38. MG Hays
    MG Hays says:

    I clicked on the ling to donate and read more of this story. The situation is even worse than I thought. Poor Baby is deaf and partially visually impaired. Cliff has had a tracheotomy and is unable to speak. Baby has found a home though and there are pictured of her with her new family,

    • connie
      connie says:

      yes, wonderful news, and my thoughts are with the poor man, hope he don’t have to suffer and finally can go in heaven, now he know that his precious little friend is safe. Bless him xxx

  39. Sandy McFarland
    Sandy McFarland says:

    I’m reading this story and see that Baby has found a new loving home. I have three dogs and just wondering what breed is she? I could make her welcome at my house.

    ROBYN GROGAN says:

    GOOD LORD!! STOP the needless remarks that have nothing to do with this man and his baby!! Only legitimate queries and funds for this site! PERIOD! THE REST OF YOU WHO WANT TO FIGHT WITH SOMEONE…..GO ELSEWHERE! I myself am going to call and give!


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