Despicable thug who poured boiling liquid on dog sentenced to jail

A Liverpool, England man was sentenced to jail on Monday at Magistrate’s Court for kicking and beating a dog and then throwing a boiling liquid over her head, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Mark Simon Sharp, 34, plead guilty to animal cruelty and was sent to jail for 16 weeks. Daisy, a friendly King Charles Spaniel, had been beaten by Sharp resulting in nine broken ribs and a broken pelvis as he secretly abused the dog for months. Daisy’s owner had taken her three-year-old dog to the vet with various injuries, which she thought had been caused by accidents. On January 12, Daisy suffered from burns over her head and body. Sharp, the woman’s boyfriend at the time, stated he was “clumsy.”daisy-the-king-charles-spaniel-2

According to RSPCA Inspector Claire Fisher, this was the worst case of animal abuse she had ever investigated in her 13-year-career. Previously a very friendly dog, Daisy cowered in the back of her kennel. An attending veterinarian notified authorities about the probable animal abuse.

In court, prosecutor Peter Mitchell described to Judge Wendy Lloyd what happened to the defenseless dog:

“When (Insp Fisher) attempted to touch the dog, she cowered away and snapped. The inspector described seeing an extensive scabbed area over the top of the head and neck with a particularly raw area at the middle of the top of the head. She was advised that the burns were full skin thickness.”

Sharp told the court he had been  physically attacked since the last hearing and admitted that time of his life he suffered from a deep depression, but couldn’t imagine he could have hurt the dog. He has since moved away from Liverpool and claims he has no memory of ever having hurt Daisy. Judge Wendy Lloyd did not believe his excuse.

According to the Sun, Inspector Fisher stated Daisy’s owner is no longer with Sharp and was horrified after learning about the egregious injuries inflicted upon her dog.

“This prolonged period of cruelty appalled me, especially when I learned of the extent of poor Daisy’s injuries, broken pelvic bones, broken ribs and third degree burns. By Sharp’s own admission, Daisy would cower and urinate around him. Since Daisy was subjected to this vile behavior, it is a miracle she is still so trusting of people,” stated Fisher.

Daisy remains with her owner and has continued to recover. Sharp  was ordered to pay a fine and banned from owning animals for 15 years.

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(Photos via RSPCA and the Sun)



Man who sacrificed dog in barbecue smoker sent to jail

In Goodyear, Arizona, a father who sacrificed the family dog by killing it and then putting it into a barbecue smoker was sentenced on Friday to six-months in jail by Judge Brad Astrowsky, reports News12. 

Patrick Thompson will also serve three years of supervised probation and is barred from owning any pets. He was convicted of one felony count of cruelty to animals and one misdemeanor count of assault. A former ASU football player, Thompson told authorities in May that he had an argument with his 17-year-old daughter over a t-shirt the teen had been wearing, and the verbal exchange escalated into Thompson believing the devil had been involved. At that time, he forced his daughter to take off the shirt, and Thompson burned it in the family’s backyard barbecue.

Thompson later admitted to police he had smoked marijuana that day, and after the argument with his daughter, he went into the home and told his family that he had to sacrifice a male – and thus became the choice between his six-year-old son and the family’s tiny poodle. With that, Thompson grabbed the dog, broke her neck and threw her into the smoker stating the devil made him do it. The arrest report read:

“He began to have a vision that something bad was going to happen to his family and that ‘the Lord’ was going to kill him for what he had done. The defendant stated that from his readings in the Bible he knew that he had to make a male sacrifice and that he was not going to sacrifice himself or his firstborn son so he told his family that it was going to be the family dog.”

(Photo Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Nassau County college student sentenced to 2 weeks in jail for beating dog to death

A former Adelphi University college student from China was sentenced to 14 days in jail on Thursday for the fatal beating of his two-year-old Pomeranian, reports NewsDay.

According to Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas, Bing Jie Yang, 25, repeatedly hit his dog named DanDan after the dog went to the bathroom on his carpeting in his apartment on April 7th 2015.  Dan Dan died from internal injuries including a fractured liver, internal bleeding in his brain, and broken ribs.

“This helpless dog died a horrific death at the hands of the man who had a responsibility to care for him,” Singas said. “No pet should ever be subjected to this kind of abuse, and my office will continue to bring these cases and to fight for stronger laws that reflect the seriousness of crimes like these,” stated Singas as reported by Fox News.

Singas had asked the court to sentence Yang the maximum sentence of up to a year in jail. Instead, Supreme Court Justice Jerald Carter gave Yang 14 days in jail, banned him from owning or caring for an animal for the next three years, and ordered him to register with the county’s Animal Abuse Registry.

It’s time to change the antiquated  animal cruelty laws to better protect animals and punish those who abuse them in cases just like this. Rest in peace Dan Dan.

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Man facing animal cruelty charges could face record sentence

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A Florida man, recently found guilty of animal cruelty, could face a record sentence for his crimes, reported Tuesday’s CBS 12 News. A judge in Palm Beach County has delayed sentencing for 39-year-old Roderick Shelton in order to completely review his “extensive” criminal history.

On July 7, Shelton, who was arrested in December 2015 after multiple ailing and injured dogs were found at his residence, was found guilty of three counts of animal cruelty, and three counts of unlawful abandonment or confinement of an animal.

Shelton could face six years behind bars, which would be an area record for a misdemeanor case.  Boynton Beach Animal Control Investigator Liz Roehrich commented on the possibility of a six year sentence to CBS 12, “It will be precedent-setting. The fact that she’s willing to entertain that, I’m extremely appreciative.”

Shelton has a lengthy criminal record, which includes drug violations and violent crime, reported the Palm Beach Post. Officials believe that Shelton’s dogs may have been involved in dog-fighting based on their injuries and the conditions which they were found – concrete evidence proving that dog-fighting was taking place was never found.

Shelton remains jailed – he is scheduled for sentencing in mid-August.

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