Man pleads guilty to 30-minute brutal attack on dog

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A Teesside, England man has pleaded guilty to beating a Staffordshire Bull terrier in a 30-minute brutal attack after the dog allegedly bit the man’s nose, reports the Metro.

During the court hearing on Monday, John McLellan, 36, was accused of beating the dog named Bam so badly, the dog urinated blood. A neighbor reported hearing “continuous thuds and yelping” from the dog through a wall.

According to veterinarian reports, Bam’s injuries were consistent with being kicked. The young dog’s testicles and abdomen were injured as bubbles of air were evident in a check-up. For the last four months, Bam continues to receive treatment from injuries caused by the brutal attack. A RSPCA inspector told the court:

 ‘This is not an impulsive one-off attack. It was a prolonged attack. [Bam] couldn’t sit down and he was very sore.”

Although McLellan has admitted causing unnecessary suffering to Bam, he denies the attack was as ferocious as the RSPCA claims. According to his lawyer, the dog’s injuries would have been much worse if what the prosecutor claims happened. The next hearing is scheduled for December 6 when Bam’s owner Denise Jaffray will testify in court.

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  1. Someone should kick the lawyer for this puke in the gonads 5 or 6 times and then punch in the stomach for a dozen or more times and see how he likes it then ask him if he wants to REALLY defend this ABUSIVE POS!!!!!

    • Wow, Edward the world AND ALL THE PRECIOUS PETS need you as the AVENGER NOT THE LEAGL SYSTEM IN PLACE… MORE HUMANE NET WORKING and these “EVIL PIECES OF SHIT” COULD BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Our legal system fails most abuse, neglect, torture and killing of innocent precious pets ALL AROUND THE WORLD, INCLUDING THE USA!

  2. I do hope and pray that the legal system does NOT let this evil bastard off with a little jail time. PUT THIS EVIL MONSTER IN JAIL FOR A LONG TIME AND LET HIM BE BEAT ON BY OTHER PRISONERS AND SEE HOW THE HELL HE LIKES GETTING THE SHIT BEAT OUT OF HIM!

  3. The dog should have bit something else besides his nose! What a Scum! He should get 30 minutes of a cruelty beaten, just like he did to this dog.

  4. The “attack wasn’t as bad as claimed”? The dog isn’t healed up after 4 MONTHS. That tells a rational person the attack was BAD. Lawyers are just as disgusting as the abuser.

  5. He looks a TWAT! God only help him if any animal lover spots him out and about. He will need eyes at the back of his stupid thick evil head! Karma will definitely catch up with him and very soon I hope!


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