Horse dished out justice after kicking student for slapping her on hindquarters

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Three people face criminal charges after slapping a Kingston, Ontario police horse during the annual Queen’s University homecoming celebration on Saturday, but not before the horse dished out justice by kicking the student. According to Global News, the horse named Murney, had been on patrol with her partner Saturday afternoon when she was slapped multiple times.kingston-ontario-horse-2

A woman was released at the scene, but will be issued  a summons. Two men were arrested and have been charged with causing injury to a law enforcement animal.  A video posted on Instagram shows a woman running up behind a horse and slapping it on the side. The startled horse reacts and kicks her left rear foot causing the the woman to fall down. The young woman quickly gets back on her feet and runs away.

Murney is  one of the latest horses to join the team, and fortunately the horse kept her composure:kingston-ontario-horse-3

“It speaks to the danger of approaching a horse and striking it from behind,” Const. Steve Koopman told Global News. “It could have been a much worse situation… Luckily the animal didn’t bolt and the officer wasn’t harmed.”

Hopefully the woman and the other students learned not to  slap a horse on their behind. It could have been much worse!

Photos via Twitter

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  1. Just shows what kid of HEATHENS our last GENERATTION Has Raised!!!! the youth on this entire continent are out of control… Did you read about horrific animal abuse in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s … Hell no kids were listening to music , dancing, drinking, and smoking, a little dope… NOT OUT BUTCHERING The ANIMALS in the COUNTY. Burning them alive! pouring acid on them , decapitating them!!! What the hell goes with these psychopaths!!!

    • It is not a good world anymore .Murders are so common that no one reacts like 20 years ago . These little bastards need to feel pain , they are not scared of authority .


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