Puppy found buried alive

Heartbreaking discovery – puppy found buried alive

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A heartbreaking discovery was made in Tucson, Arizona, on Sunday. According to the Sanctuary Project, a tiny puppy was found buried alive in the Pantano and Escalante area.

The organization recounted how the puppy was found:

Last night we were contacted by a wonderfully hearted employee of the Tucson Police Department asking for help. They had responded to a call about hearing whimpering, only to find this puppy who had been buried alive.

The group added:

The Sargeant who found him had graciously offered to pay for the first 24 hours of his care if we would take him into custody this morning, at which point we would race him to our vet.

The tiny pup, who was unresponsive, had a mouth that was filled with rocks and dirt, and an extremely low body temperature. Though the puppy was rushed to a veterinarian for care, early the next morning he was humanely euthanized after showing signs of neurological issues as well as a seizure. Those who tried to save him stated that they were “heartbroken.”

The heartbreaking situation is under investigation by the Tuscon Police Department –  anyone with information is asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Why the hell would someone do this??? How truly evil!!!!! Karma a million times to the POS that did this to this innocent puppy

  2. Marsha Squibb says:

    You poor baby…i’m so sorry humans let you down,however some people tried very hard to save you…RIP darlin…

  3. Bette says:

    Who in the world could do such a sick thing. If you don’t want the puppy then bring it to a shelter. No questions asked. This poor puppy died a slow death. How would you like to be buried alive. I’m praying they catch the sick person that did this inhuman thing. Charge him with a stiff penalty and never let that person own a animal in their lifetime

  4. Sarah bestwick says:

    When are we going to treat these crimes according to the punishment needed: someone did this deliberatly so they deserve the penalty for the crime , another poor helpless small defencelesss creature suffers at our hands yet again but no one know anything : shame on us humans

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    The Bastards that did this need to die the same way… Of course that won’t happen …. but the buzzard vomit moron that did this EVIL ! EVIL! deed needs to be caught!!! Sent to prison !!! The State of Arizona is going to miss Sheriff Joe!!! Hide and watch!!! He believed in dealing with animal abusers!!

  6. Darla says:

    RIP puppy. I’m sorry you suffered. I wish we could find the person who did this and do the same thing to them. I wouldn’t blink an eye at the POS suffering.

  7. Edward says:

    What douche bag would do that to a inocent puppy piece of trash a piece of non-human the Devil Himself comes a bit so come and get them don’t worry he was she rest in peace my little friend

  8. Rita Childers says:

    This is exactly what is wrong in our society today !! Not enough caring ..whether it be humans..animals..or whatever..certain ones only think of ME ME ME !..The precious puppy was evidently bothering someone..INHUMANE at the least, hope to Heaven they find the DEVIL WHO DID THIS !!! Give him the same that he or she dished out !!!EVIL>>EVIL >>>EVIL

  9. Mariann says:

    Omg, I can’t understand doing such a thing! That’s still a life that some heartless bastard took upon him/herself to rob from this earth’s existance! May you rot in hell scumbag! I hope they find your sadistic worthless self!


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