Delphi resident used hacksaw on puppy’s legs as punishment

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In the northwestern India city of Dwarka, a local man known quite often to be drunk, severed two legs of a puppy with a hacksaw as a punishment when the two-month-old defenseless pooch accidentally scratched the man’s leg with his paw.

According to India Today, the horrific incident occurred on December 2 when the black and white adorable puppy scampered into the home of Pramod, an unemployed local man who only goes by one name. When Pramod offered the puppy some food, the playful little pooch scratched the man’s leg with its paw.  Pramod became very angry, grabbed the puppy and tied it up. He then used a blade to cut off one front leg and one back leg. When the blade wouldn’t sever the puppy’s bones, he found a hacksaw to finish the egregious crime of animal cruelty. He is reported to have enjoyed the entire ordeal.

Animal activist Guarav Sharma learned about the horrific act from a girl who lives near Pramod and states this isn’t the first dog he has abused. The wife of the accused described her husband’s sick tale of torturing the puppy, but allegations about his cruelty to animals and humans reach far beyond the sick torture of a defenseless little puppy. According to his wife, a few months prior Pramod brought home a monkey and then chopped it up. The wife also claimed her husband, when drunk would hang their six children upside down.pramod

Pramod has a previous record of domestic violence, however the woman has not pressed charges against her abusive husband.

Animal cruelty runs rampant in India as punishments barely amount to Rs50 fine (.75 cents in US currency). So for all the pain Pramod forced upon an innocent puppy, he gets away with his sick crime – only to do it again the next time he gets drunk and wants to take his frustration out on a puppy. This only adds to recent crimes against animals in India. One month ago, photos of a tortured monkey by two medical students went viral over social media. Before that puppies were clubbed and burned to death. Another Chennai medical student tossed a puppy off of a rooftop.

The puppy, now dubbed Twinkle has been treated and is currently in foster care awaiting an adoptive home.

(Photo of puppy’s legs cut off with hacksaw Gaurav Sharma Facebook)

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15 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    The vast majority of humans suck and don’t deserve to share this world with the wonderful animals they neglect and abuse. I consider myself an optimist, but lately that has been hard. I honest worry for this world – the increase in violence against humans and animals, the lack of concern for the health of the planet itself, and so much more. Humans could really learn alot from animals. I have dogs and cats, and they not only live in peaceful harmony, but actually play with each other. Yet humans will be prejudiced against another human because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, etc. Animals don’t judge you for how you look or how you were raised. They judge you by your actions, and even then, are much more forgiving than most humans are. I’m sick of all this. Time for a world-ending meteor to put an end to the plague known as the human race. The planet and the other living beings on it, would be much better off without us.

  2. lilsdad73 says:

    And some people wonder if there’s a hell when we die, when things like this are still happening – well, no need to wonder anymore. This torture of an innocent canine being, a scene straight out of hell by anyone’s definition I should think. Goddam sicko.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Pramod is in desperate need of having a cattle prod used on him for fun. Then, after he’s been subdued, hanging him upside down and hacking off his extremities, one by one, are certainly in order. NO loss there….. One less drunken, abusive, filthy scumbag walking around torturing innocent animals, children, and women.

  4. Edward says:

    My God I wish you were with me that beautiful picture of you with the pain in front of you well the first thing I do every other was boiling water near throw in your face take the f****** frying pan hitch with a f****** head about the party because you’re ready then we take battery acid and shove it down your throat not to kill you just to make you f****** tortured you f****** piece of s*** and then of course we take a full set of dogs that have not been fed and about two weeks and you’re going into the pit with him I don’t think you’ll survive that one a****** I’m so sorry you will not find me because I would in a heartbeat but that out for you trust me

  5. Sheri says:

    This POS needs to be put away!!!! What a monster!!! First the puppy and next a human. Lock this poor excuse for a human up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No place for his evil ass out in society!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brenda Minarik says:

    And we let these people into our country??? This apparently is not the first time lock this animal In a cage he is not human

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    INDIA is full of sick , Evil and Demented Ass Holes!!! Why don’t they just turn the country over to ISIS and the rest of the perverted criminal elements and let them go at it!!! They can hack each other up and decrease the number of sadists !!!

  8. Catherine Staffy says:

    I’d like to receive new updates on this poor unfortunate dog. As the article says India has a poor animal welfare policy being a poor country of millions. I can imagine how many other animals have been mistreated by the hands of these cruel barbaric people.

  9. Marianne Taylor says:

    What kind of sick people live in that area?? Wife of drunk, you had better speak up or it will be your children having their arms and legs hacksawed off if their lucky enough to not have their heads cut off. Next time he comes home drunk, wait until he passes out and get the hacksaw ready.


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