No charges for man who shot dog in front of owner

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In Nokomis, Florida, a family’s three-year-old dog was shot and killed in front of them, and local authorities have since closed the case. According to SSNNews, there will be no charges for the man who shot the dog while Rod and Cindy Jacobson stood and watched in utter shock.

The Jacobsons adopted their Staffordshire terrier mix from Manatee County Animal Services. At the time, the dog was very pregnant, and her spot at the shelter was running out. The family soon all became very bonded; she had been an excellent mother to her small litter, and Rod and Cindy took Candy everywhere they went. No one ever complained about Candy’s disposition.nokomis-dog-shot-2

On November 18, Candy had been walking freely around Jacobson’s truck as he decorated his boat for the Venice Boat Parade. For years he kept his boat at an enclosed lot with permission from the owner. And that’s when the property owner’s grandson, Zachary Deaterly approached the Jacobsons and Candy. The dog didn’t recognize Zachar, and according to Jacobsen, the dog barked and then Zachary kicked Candy. As the dog ran back to the truck, Jacobsen heard the gun go off the first time.

“At that point, I saw Candy turn and run away from us towards the boat, and he shot two or three more times because I saw them hitting in the ground,” Rod stated. “Out of touch with reality, I said to him, ‘Did you just shoot my dog?’ He said, ‘You’re damn right I did and I’ll do it again.”

When interviewed by authorities, Deaterly insisted Candy had been acting aggressively towards him, and he was afraid for his safety. He also claimed he told Ron to get his dog off of him, and berated Ron for having a pit bull. So did he shoot the dog just because she was a pit bull mix? And could something similar happen to any dog?

The problem remains that under the law of necessity a person can shoot another person or a dog if they believe an attack is imminent. Where it might be easier for another human to dispute the need for someone shooting them, what defense does a dog have? Obviously the law needs clarification. Even though Candy may have been retreating and posed no danger to Deaterly, she paid for protecting her truck and her people with her life.

Rest in peace Candy.

(Photo no charges for Candy’s death screenshot via SNN News)

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25 replies
  1. Darla says:

    What a miserable POS. He had no more reason to shoot Candy than the man in the moon. I think HE should be shot just for being a moron. RIP Candy.

  2. maxiemom says:

    This is so wrong! She died because she is a pit mix, and because that redneck is nothing but an ignorant piece of trash. He belongs in a cage.

  3. Angela Corso says:

    I would not want that guy to be my neighbor! Shame on him. Sounds like he was just looking for a reason to shoot the dog. So sad. 🙁

  4. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    Yes, that’s EXACTLY why Candy was shot! Because STUPID people think they should be AFRAID of Pit Bulls. Even though the ONLY thing Candy did was BARK. And if the moron KICKED Candy, I’m surprised she didn’t BITE him! I wish she HAD. I am SO SORRY for your loss, Rod and Cindy! ???? Since the law is obviously not on your side, I hope you file a civil suit against him! ???? RIP, sweet Candy. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge. ????

  5. Sheri says:

    This is ridiculous!!!! That POS that shot Candy should be sent to prison. This is unacceptable and charges need to filed against this looser!!!!!!!!

  6. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    For God’s sake this monster should be sent to jail! Where is justice! God or karma will make this murderer pay for his crime. RIP beautiful Candy,

  7. Bette says:

    That’s just wrong. Why do people label a pit bull. He was a good dog and did nothing wrong. That man who shot the dog should be held accountable. We need to be the dogs voice. Wtf is wrong with people

  8. rieann says:

    again let these low life assholes get away with no kind of punishment, to the cops hope you have to watch your backs when you work pieces of shit

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    So in Florida, someone can shoot and kill a dog running away from them, with the owner standing there in plain sight just because they say “he was afraid for his safety”. I’d say the “law” certainly does need clarification! I would have been killed right along with Candy, Zachary Deaterly WOULD have been afraid for his safety when I got done with him! This is despicable, what is wrong with the laws in Florida concerning dogs? I’ve seen more than one locked away for minor offenses and then this, allowed to be killed while running away! I think the owner should look into a law suit, if the law won’t protect a person from this sort of thing, may be having to fork over some money might make this POS think twice before he goes shoots someone’s pet for no good reason!

  10. Cindy S says:

    It sounds to me like the coward went there to intentionally murder Candy! The laws in this country are totally messed up! Pictures of that baby’s bullet wounds should have been considered! If he shot her as she was running back to her owner her wounds should’ve proven he shot her as she was running away from him and he was in NO DANGER! He killed that baby because of her breed, not because she was a threat to him! ????

  11. Patricia Boyd says:

    What a piece of shit man and also the law. The man for shooting the dog and the law for not prosecuting the man who shot the dog. Everyone knows he shot her just because she was a pitt. I am sick and tired of people giving pitts a bad rep. put the blame where it belongs HUMANS. I am so sorry for Candy and her owners. RIP BLESSED CANDY.

  12. Sue Heitman-Helmke says:

    I have seen the incredible pain of his owners. I can only wish that the shooter show remorse. It will not bring Candy back. Obviously, this person has never been attached to a faithful dog. It’s difficult enough to lose a faithful animal to illness. To stupidity and knee jerk reaction with a gun is not acceptable.. I grieve with Cindy and Ron for their loss…

  13. Steve D, says:

    Believe Sarasota County has a leash law, many people fear dogs, and Pit Bull dogs (even mixed) have a history of harming people. Not saying this guy was justified in shooting the dog, but we were not there to see what really happened. The court heard more evidence than we read in this article, so don’t jump to conclusions—either way.

  14. Kathy Colbert says:

    The “I feared for my life” law needs to be thrown out! Anyone can use that as an excuse to shoot and kill animals or people! Things need to change and to kill an animal retreating from you is one of the worst! That POS needs to be shot at as he’s running away and if a bullet hits him oh well! An eye for an eye justice!

  15. Debbie says:

    The shooter needs to be arrested. Sorry, he had no reason to kill the dog. He is lucky one of the owners didn’t jump him right there. He should not have just walked away. I wouldn’t arrest them if they beat him to death!!!! He had no right to kill their dog.


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