Heartbreaking discovery – near death pup found in Pennsylvania

On Friday, the Providence Animal Center took in an emaciated puppy who is believed to have been abandoned at a park in Pennsylvania. By the time that the pup was found, he was near death.


The shelter updated Facebook followers about the heartbreaking situation:

We’re currently caring for a near-death 2-3-month-old male puppy who was found wandering around Cobbs Creek Park. He is gravely sick, severely emaciated and too weak to walk. There’s no way he could have gotten there himself, so it is believed someone dumped him, as a sick puppy, and left him to die. We’ve named him Bennett, which means little blessed one – Benny for short.

Though Benny was immediately provided with round-the-clock supportive care, his little body was not up for a continued fight. On Sunday, Benny passed away.


On Sunday the Animal Center broke the news to those who were keeping tabs on Benny’s condition:

We have very sad news to share. Benny passed away this afternoon. His symptoms worsened and he died before we could provide him with an ultrasound to determine the root of the problem. He passed quickly, so he didn’t suffer. Our hearts are broken. We are comforted knowing we did everything we could for him; that his last days were possibly some of the best of his short life – surrounded by unconditional love as he is in this photo in his medical foster home; and of course, by your overwhelming support.

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  1. edward
    edward says:

    Dear scum-sucking son of a b****** I just saw the picture of Benny wood band in the park either here she’s you should be shot right through the f****** head slow but you’re f****** death how could you possibly do that to a puppy that tiny sick you piece of f****** garbage may God not be with you

  2. Heike weber
    Heike weber says:

    Benny was just a baby I don’t understand how anyone can starve and hurt such an innocent little soul ! Sick of humans that think being cruel to animals is there God given right !

  3. Mark Ganter
    Mark Ganter says:

    I’ve thinking about this little dog. Just can’t imagine how anyone could just abandon him. No words work here. This hurts.

  4. kimberley wall
    kimberley wall says:

    He was found just in time to experience love before he was called back Home . Fly free little baby go be with my babies that are there waiting for me .. they will show you love as will I when I get there


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