Despicable dealer lets his dogs die in house fire while he saves his drugs

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In Pasco County, Florida, a man making butane hash oil (BHO) started a fire in his own house when the chemicals exploded, reports KhouNews.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Steven Brown, 24, and his “other accomplices” have been manufacturing BHO, (aka marijuana wax) when the flammable mixtures exploded and set the home on fire. The concentrated form of marijuana is mixed with butane resulting in a powerful drug substance taking on a waxy consistency.

Instead of Brown releasing his two dogs locked in cages, he grabbed the drugs and fled. Fortunately a one-year-old baby was also rescued from the burning home. Authorities discovered the bodies of the two dogs; they didn’t have a chance to survive.  Brown has 12 active warrants for his arrest including possession of a place for purposes of manufacturing a controlled substance, first degree arson, felony possession of a firearm, cocaine possession, suboxone possession, oxycodone possession, tampering with physical evidence, marijuana manufacturing, marijuana possession, aggravated cruelty to animals and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is still at large.

Brown was last seen driving a 2016 white Kia Optima. If spotted, you are asked to call 911.

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16 replies
  1. edward says:

    That piece of s*** left a baby at 1 year old and let his dog so I can find him and put a bullet through his f****** miserable f****** head and don’t let the judge let him out after two days in jail no charge

  2. Patty says:

    Wow … 12 active warrants for his arrest … Isn’t about time they do something? I believe they should add 2 counts of animal cruelty!

    • Dee pruitt says:

      Only aggravated animal cruelty ? How about animal cruelty murder. And animal cruelty torture. And the 3 counts for EACH dog !!! I vote 10 yrs. on each count !!!!

  3. susispot says:

    Scumbum! At least he will get plenty of time for the drugs. The dogs will have justice by way of additional charges. We all know their death will mean little in a court of law. Things need to change.

  4. Jeannie Taylor says:

    I hope they find this POS for having his dogs in a cage and left them to die a horrible death. Just to save his stupid drugs.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I guess we can see what his priorities were, not pets and children! I hope this POS rots in Hell! and even that is too good for him!

  6. Darla says:

    Brown, you are a major POS. I hope you rot in HeLL….the sooner the better.

    I would die with my dogs before I would leave them in a house fire.

    Recently, in a town near me, a woman fell asleep smoking a cigarette and her mobile home started on fire. She was awakened by her dog. The woman got herself out but left the dog. WTF? A neighbor risked his life to save the dog (the dog was given oxygen and recovered). The woman said she loves her dog very much. Really? It sounds like you love YOURSELF first. She wasn’t disabled either which MIGHT be a semi-acceptable excuse. I know she wasn’t disabled because video afterwards showed her walking around.

  7. Shelly R Berchem says:

    Another low life piece of shit, send him to prison and let the criminals kill him. Too bad he didn’t perish in the fire and the pets survived and could live out their life’s with HUMANE LVOING HUMANS! Why should tax payers provide three meals a day and a matress to this low life druggie piece of shit. He will get out of prison some day and do his dirty devil deeds again!

  8. Julie says:

    WHY are people like this allowed to have animals – I breed bull terriers in Africa and follow up on every single pup throughout its life – if the owners don’t like it they can return the dog to me – BUT it breaks my heart that a animals are not continually followed up on.

    WHY is the favour not returned on this HALF WIT piece of trash??

    You are BULLY – if you were a man you would not take your frustrations out on a helpless animal – your DAY WILL COME – JERK ????????????

  9. Cathy Rolley says:

    Anyone who would leave a baby and his dogs in a cage to die in a fire to
    save his drugs is a worthless good for nothing coward.I hope that they get his worthless ass soon. He should be put in a cage and set on fire and then walk away.When he is caught and goes to court he should not get any second chances no plea bargains etc.He didn’t give the baby or dogs a second chance.Get tough on these worthless cowards.

  10. Adrienne says:

    Our justice system needs to be revamped to give harsher sentencing to things like this. Twelve active warrants and he was never caught or put in jail? A danger to the law abiding citizens and needs to be in jail forever and rot there, never to be released.

  11. Jane Mumford says:

    Left a defensless infant & two dogs caged in his stupid druggie fire… I hope ge gets trashed every day of his miserable waste of space life!! Maximum penalty plz.


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