Viral moments: Russian man saves kitten from certain death on busy highway

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For nearly a week a nerve-racking video filmed in  Kaliningrad, Russia has gone viral; a tiny kitten was  saved from certain death on the highway by a heroic Good Samaritan, reports US Magazine.

According to a surveillance video, the tiny kitten fell out of a  window of a vehicle and landed on the right lane of a busy roadway. In the most harrowing three minutes, numerous cars swerve out of the way to avoid running the kitten over. Miraculously the kitten survives as two trucks pass directly over him. Whew! How many lives did that cost?

Finally, a Peugeot pulls up in front of the kitten; the driver turns on his hazard lights, exits his car and quickly scoops the kitten up – all as traffic just whizzes by on the highway. According to Life.Ru , the tiny black kitten came out of the experience unscathed  because of his human angel, Denis Degtyarev, who has since made sure the kitten found a loving home.

“I checked him quickly as I picked him up. He looked deeply shocked but all right in that nothing was broken or badly bruised. There was no blood,” Degtyarev explained. “I drove it to the sport school which my kids attend, and friends of ours quickly found him a new family. He is doing well now.”

Check out the viral video which has garnered more than 92,000 views: (Photo YouTube)


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