German shepherd puppy loses leg after shot in random act of cruelty

A nine-month-old German shepherd puppy mix had to have his leg amputated after someone shot him in a random act of animal cruelty in Martinez, California late last week, reports NbcBayArea.

The friendly pup, now dubbed Bullet, was taken to the Contra Costa Animal Services after he was found by a Good Samaritan. The dog had been shot in his right hind leg with the bullet shattering his femur, so vets had to amputate.

“He came in limping, basically trying to cuddle up with somebody,” stated Dr. Bella Kisamov, a veterinarian with Contra Costa County Animal Services.

Authorities in the East Bay are looking for the person responsible for the cruel act.

“Our vets estimate from bullet trajectory, the dog was running away or laying down,” explained Contra Costa Animal Shelter spokesperson, Steve Burdo. “The bullet’s caliber will help officials learn “more about the distance it was shot” and “what kind of gun it could have come from.”

Bullet will be ready for adoption soon and is already a staff favorite.

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(Photo via Contra Costa Animal Services)


  1. d fairbanks
    d fairbanks says:

    Sick degenerates who use innocent animals for target practice and abuse are one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. I hope the cops are seriously looking for this scumbag, and when they find him, put him away for the maximum amount of time, where hopefully his roomie will be an animal lover….

  2. Jane Mary Morgan
    Jane Mary Morgan says:

    I sincerely hope the person that has done this is found and brought to justice and never has the privilege of owning another animal.


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