Woman arrested for trying to save her dog in 4-alarm San Mateo fire

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A dog died in a San Mateo, California fire that destroyed a three-story condominium late Thursday night on Ticonderoga Road, reports KtvuNews. 

The fire broke about about 10:45 p.m. as San Mateo Fire Department and surrounding crews responded. A styrofoam substance used in the attic of the building made the blaze more difficult to extinguish.

According to NbcBayArea, the owner of the dog lived in one of the condo units and became very emotional as she tried to break through police barriers to run back into her home to rescue her dog. San Mateo Fire Chief John Healy stated police had to detain her until she calmed down. Although the woman was initially arrested, she was released.

More than 70 firefighters, 14 engines and four ladder trucks were called upon to put out the fire. At least five families have been left without their homes. The fire is believed to have started on the first floor.

And many of us would risk our lives to save our pets in a similar situation. Of course, we know it was a very dangerous situation, however our dogs and cats are part of our families. Rest in peace sweet dog.

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  1. That poor woman, I’m sure she was beside herself, I know I would be watching as my home burned down with my dog inside, I would be hysterical! Rest in peace poor pup and prayers for comfort for their Mom.

  2. I have often wondered how I could live if a fur baby of mine was burning in my house. I simply would emotionally die. I can see myself trying to run in and rescue my pet. My prayers are with this woman, and rest in peace little pet.


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