Teen admits to shooting puppy with bow and arrow because it was a nuisance

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In Madison County, North Carolina, an 18-year-old faces charges of felony animal cruelty after allegedly confessing to having shot a puppy in the neck with a bow and arrow, reports WlosNews.

On Thursday, Bryson Hensley turned himself into authorities, initially stating he had accidentally shot the dog. After interviews, however, Sheriff Buddy Harwood said the teen confessed to shooting the Dachshund mix because the puppy had been getting into trash and had become a nuisance.

The one-year-old puppy was found on Wednesday with an arrow through her neck along Buckner Branch Road. Fortunately the puppy, dubbed Grace survived surgery. Veterinarian Aaron Langley, with the Appalachian Animal Hospital, said the puppy was extremely lucky, and the arrow “missed everything important in the neck and then came out through the top.” Grace is expected to make a full recovery.

For anyone wishing to adopt this adorable pup (her owners have not come forward), the Madison County Animal Services announced the following on Grace’s YouCaring page:

“We are receiving many, many inquires regarding Grace and her future adoption status. At this time, Grace will be fostered by a staff member to closely monitor her recovery during the next couple of weeks. Once she is fully recovered from her wounds, and is cleared by her veterinarian, she will be spayed and made available for adoption. Her recovery period cannot be put on a timeline right now so I have no way of judging exactly when she will become available.”

For anyone interested in helping or adopting Grace, please contact shelter@madisoncountync.gov to be placed on the waiting list. Please remember there are many, many dogs – just as cute as Grace ready to be adopted now.

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(Photo via YouCaring)

50 replies
  1. AVIS HOLT says:

    This kind of thing is happening more and more and should be top priority for animal welfare. PLEASE make stiffer laws concerning animal abuse and PLEASE do not show the perpetrator’s face. This is probably the reason they did this hellish thing, to gain notoriety! Seems they’ll do anything to have their 15 minutes of fame. SICKENING!!!

    • Pamela Bolton says:

      On the other hand, show the sicko’s face so people will know what kind of sub-human they are dealing with.

    • Carmen Alvarez says:

      Me too. Hospitals are too good for these lower forms of life. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And for the 7 year old juvi. These are the young people that when they reach adulthood are criminals and murderes.

  2. maxiemom says:

    You know, there’s a simple way of keeping the dog out of your trash: COVER IT!!!! How hard could it be to keep a Dachshund mix out of the trash, unless you’re too darned lazy to cover your trash outside since this dog is not yours (and, BTW, I manage to keep my own trash out of the ‘hands’ of my much larger Aussie!). The scumbag should simply admit he wanted to shoot the poor dog and not make silly excuses………. Who raises these feral teens? What kind of parents do these critters come from? I’ll bet there’s a long line of animal cruelty in that family tree going back generations.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bryson Hensley is an 18 year old POS. If he will do this to an innocent dog, then what will he do to a human that annoys him? I hope they put him away!

  4. Marissa says:

    I seriously hope that little jerk gets exactly what he has coming to him. He made the choice now he can live with his stupidity ! happy to hear that little Grace will be okay !

  5. Penny's Dachshund says:

    AND JUST “WHO” do we suppose this” YOUNG PUKE” learned this behavior …. HIS PARENTS Do YOU think!! BINGO!!!! Hope they are proud of their Spawn!!!! Then of Course this after all is NORTH CAROLINE and Where do the readers of this site see the majority of this type of animal abuse…THE HELL YOU SAY NORTH CAROLINA!!!! YOU guys should be proud of you selves…. May the can revive a Deliverance Series or IN the Heat of The NIGHT DOWN in your fine STATE!!!!

    • Linda says:

      It seems you are painting all parents with the same paint brush. Believe it or not some parents try to raise their kids right but at 18 (and younger in some cases) the kids start making their own decisions. Unfortunately they don’t always make the right ones. The same with painting the majority of abuse cases coming from N.C. Again there are a lot of good decent caring people in that and most states. Unfortunately it’s usually the ones that are cruel that get the headlines. If that was my son, he would know better than to do anything like that. If he did I’d tell the cops to charge him to the full extent of the law!

      • Audrianna says:

        Linda shut up. Before defending a low life with most likely low life parents just shut your mouth. Energy better spent elsewhere, sooo…. Shhhhhhh.

      • resqdogz says:

        Linda, I concur to some extent – but at 18, this puke is an “adult” and should be tried and convicted as one, with “adult” sentencing consequences.

        Any parent whose child (under 18) commits such an atrocity, should be held fully accountable (both legally and financially) for the actions of their progeny: In this case, the donated funds should be used for others in dire need, and the full costs borne by this bastard and his parents.

        S’far as NC having the corner on “the majority of this type of animal abuse”, that’s a patently inaccurate assessment: Sadly, the inhumanity of our species is not relegated to a single state nor region, but permeates our entire society… with similar cases reported (and not) across the nation with alarming and disheartening frequency.

        Unfortunately, we cannot legislate morality, empathy, nor compassion – and until we DEMAND that jurists impose the harshest of penalties (incarceration and monetary) as our last-ditch deterrent, these horrors with continue to escalate….

      • Teri says:

        I take offense with comment about NC abusing animals. I have 4 RESCUE fur babies, one dobie is sleeping on the couch, one lab mix is sleeping in my room on an ortho bed, my Maltese mix is beside me in bed and our other dog and cat are sleeping in our sons bed. I don’t have any friends that don’t own dogs and/or cats, and they are treated well or we wouldn’t be friends. They live inside with us and go outside when they want to and are taken for walks everyday. They are loved and treated as members of our family. I wish animal abusers could be banished from this earth, but they are everywhere, could be living right next door. The laws or lack of laws are a joke. I pray things will change.

      • Carol Brandt says:

        Linda makes a good point- there are plenty of good caring parents who end up with horrible monsters. This jerk is responsible for himself, and we simply do not know why or where he learned to do this. It very well could be from his parents, or it could be because he is easily influenced, or he could just be a total miscreant. We don’t know, but we know what we can do with piece of crap like this: we can lock him away forever and throw away the key – that is, if we get a judge who gives a darn.

      • Penny's Dachshund says:

        Sad thing is THAT our SOCIETY does NOT want to face this issue because it quite frankly “SMACKS TOO MANY OF YOU FAMILIES RIGHT IN THE FACE”! The abused and battered BECOME the ABUSERS AND THE BATTERS!!!! The MONKEY see MONKEY DO SYNDROME !!!!

    • Melinda Canady says:

      I am an educated woman born and raised in North Carolina. I was taught growing up to be responsible and to care for and treat animals with kindness. I can assure you there are bad parents and abusive people in every state. There are children and young people that despite their upbringing will rise above or sink to the lowest low in society. No one state corners the market on evil and abuse, unfortunately, it’s everywhere. Thank God for the fine organizations that are helping the sick and injured animals. There is much work to be done.

      Now maybe you can explain this can that’s going to revive the movies you mentioned.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Well, Melinda Canady ::: Look at TODAY”S Post ” Teens Hang STRAY DOG” I have a formal education TOO an RN DEGREE with A Substance Abuse Certificate! I have worked for 20 years with adults and youth with issues… and in almost all cases with youth it reverts back to the upbringing…. Or better Lack of UPBRINGING!!

  6. Carol Ellis says:

    Enforce the laws for animal abuse. 18 yr old knows he was wrong. .next step is harming children. ..keep him out of parks, schools grounds …my neighborhood!

  7. Nancy Albino says:

    I hope this POS monster gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and that includes JAIL! Furthermore, what’s an 18-yr old doing with a GUN ?? Maybe the NEXT time he’s pissed off, he’ll shoot a PERSON!

  8. Sheila Spencer-Stover says:

    Children who harm animals deliberately—he did it, lied, then confessed—casue he was going to get caught—–are proven to be in the percentage of adults who become serious criminals. He just might be another Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy, David Duke—-Aryan Skinheads—in the making. Anyone want to take bets this is not his first time at this kind of thing?

  9. Concerned citizen says:

    That kid’s a sociopath, someone needs to get them help before others feel they’re a nuisance and lock them away for life or worse. This behavior only advances.

  10. Scott Rondeau says:

    Thank You to the kind craring compassionate souls who rescued and are now caring for this sweet dog! Karma plus a 1 way ticket to HELL to the worthless scumbag asshole worthless piece of trash responsible for allowing and participating in the needless unjustified horrific intentional cruelty of an innocent animal!!!!

  11. Chip Bailey says:

    To the parents that spawned the 18 year old waste of life and burden to Society! Shame on you! Your kid is doomed to a life of crime and mental sickness can be his only excuse so get him help immediately. No normal person even if they are not fond of dogs does that. Check all your other Children to ensure they are fit but voluntarily have your son neutered so the demon seed can never be spread.

  12. Katherine says:

    OMG. WTF is wrong with people. That shit gets me so mad I also wanna cry. The poor puppy didn’t deserve this. Straight evil. Karma will get the person that did this

  13. Mary says:

    That stupid 18 yr old deserves arrow shot through his neck. Eye for eye so to speak!! Defensiveless animals as this little puppy is clue the asault must be a bully throughout life. Disrespect to breathing souls. Hope the judge sheds no mercy.

  14. DYE says:

    Young ladies please read this, this person is sick he needs to be jailed or committed to a place for dangerous , insane, humans. Please stay away you are hearing about your next GREEN RIVER KILLER , I hope someone puts a arrow Up HIS A–

  15. yvonne Polk says:

    Some one give a Bow & Arrow so I can Shoot the BASTED in the Head not the Neck the Head and see How he Like it. to be Killed.ASS HOLE Monster.

  16. Tina Toulouse says:

    Totally DISGUSTING needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the poor INNOCENT baby was probably hungry and looking for food, instead of COMPASSION, you try and KILL it, you HEARTLESS INHUMANE EVIL BASTARD.

  17. PAMELA D says:



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