Dog impaled by fence when jumping rescued by local fire company

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In Charlotte, North Carolina, a very lucky dog was rescued on Saturday afternoon by the Rescue 50 New Hope Fire Department, reports WptvNews.  New Hope Fire Department cover

Fire officials were called by the dog’s owner after the not so agile pup tried to jump from a concrete bench over a six-foot fence where he became impaled by a pointed rod through his rear hip. New Hope Fire Department 2 Fire rescue personnel pulled a car up to the fence, giving the dog a solid surface to stand on in order to take the pressure off the rear part of his punctured body. The crew used a battery operated tool to cut away a part of the fence, leaving the rod where he had been impaled as to not cause any further injury.

According to the Lincoln Herald, the rod had pierced through the dog’s hindquarters between his hip and tail.

“The dog stayed calm and didn’t whine or growl even once as Layne cut him free and we put him in the back of a car to go to the vet,” stated Asst. Chief David Brumbaugh. New Hope Fire Department

The dog was then rushed to a veterinary emergency clinic where he is reported to be doing well. His owner, Mary Ann Dixon is hopeful he will make a full recovery, and of course – never try that stunt again! Great job firemen – you are heroes as always! 

(Photos courtesy of New Hope FD Facebook)



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  1. One VERY LUCKY dog!!!! A wonderful and caring fire department for taking their time and expertise to remove this guys hind quarters off the fence with NO further damage!!!!

  2. As one who has been criticized for having the invisible fence, I would like to point out, none of my pets have been injured in any way from it. Years ago I lost a 9 month old German Shepherd who tried to jump a 4ft chainlink fence and fell injuring her back. The steroids the specialist gave her destroyed her organs and she died. I tore up the fence laid the wire and have never looked back. I hope this dog will be ok, and if you plan on keeping a fence, I hope they will be looking at another type! .

  3. glad to see good news about dogs.firemans did a good job.the family is happy and they 4 legged kid wearing fur is alive and doing ok.


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