Buddhist nuns rescue stray hugging puppies: Photos go viral

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The Internet has again fallen in love with photos of two hugging adorable stray puppies who had been rescued off the streets by kind-hearted Buddhist nuns, reports the Shanghaiist.Puppy hugging cover

A series of photos of a small brown dog holding an even smaller black dog in his arms have gone viral. The dogs were found abandoned on the streets in Beijing, China. The little brown pup, seemingly protecting his tiny friend, touched the hearts of millions on Chinese social media, even though their stories are unknown. Online users of Weibo, (the Asian equivalent of Twitter) lashed out at the cruel owners who dumped the defenseless little pups:Puppy hugging

“How can people be so cruel? They shouldn’t have bought the dogs in the first place if they weren’t able to take good care of them!”  Another user commented, “Oh, poor puppies! Look at their sad eyes, they must have been suffering a lot on the street!”puppy hugging 3

The monastery where the dogs are now being cared for has not been made public, but their pictures will forever draw smiles onto the faces of millions.puppy hugging 4

Who can ever forget the famous photo of two dogs from Georgia;  Kala and Keira hugging each other. Their picture appeared on the Facebook page of  Angels Among Us Rescue in July 2015, asking for help so the shelter dogs would not be euthanized. Their heartwarming hugs immediately went viral, and within two hours the dogs were rescued. Ah, the powers of social media. Kala and Keira

(Photos by Net Ease)

(Photo by Angels Among Us FB)

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  1. help the people out to take care of the dogs.dogs are 4 legged kids wearing fur.and also dog spells GOD.so give them all the love they can give them.they did a good thing for the dogs.

  2. After reading your post, I did search found them on YouTube
    I do not speak the language, by the pictures this is story of how they were found. Little black one was in a sealed plastic type bag..no wonder he is protective

    Watch “Chuyện Lạ Khó Tin -Thương đứt ruột cậu cún em ở chùa Bảo Hoa Sơn qua đời” on YouTube
    and this one too ♡


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