Dog falls ill after consuming hops

Dog falls ill after ingesting little known toxin

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A dog belonging to a Gig Harbor, Washington, woman fell ill this week after ingesting a toxic plant, not commonly known to be toxic. Unbeknownst to her owner, the dog, a bull terrier named “Georgia,” had been nibbling  on hops which were growing in the yard.

Georgia’s owner, Rosemary, had noticed that her dog had been restless all week, and in addition to excessive panting and wanting to go outside more frequently than normal, she was also not sleeping well. The dog’s odd symptoms progressively got worse until she began vomiting on Wednesday night and Rosemary made the decision to head for the local emergency veterinarian.

Rosemary had no idea that hops, known best for their use in beer-making, are toxic…Georgia, being a typical bull terrier who likes to eat anything and everything, consumed portions of the plant, and fell ill.

Fortunately, Georgia did not eat a large amount of the hops and her symptoms were caught early enough for her to be saved. In Georgia’s case, fluid-therapy is believed to be enough to pull her through. Not all dogs are as fortunate, according to Beer Smith, consumption of hops can be lethal to dogs.

Dogs who have ingested hops may exhibit symptoms much like Georgia’s…panting, vomiting, restlessness – in addition to more severe symptoms such as seizures, rapid heart rate and high temperature.

Read more about hops and the danger they pose to dogs at this link to Pet Poison Helpline.

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