Livestock killed in flood waters

‘Tens of thousands’ of livestock feared dead in flood waters

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According to CBS News, the human death toll from Hurricane Matthew stands at 36 lives – tragically, the huge storm has claimed the lives of more victims, who have not yet been found. According to Wednesday’s publication of the Washington Post, “tens of thousands” of livestock are also feared dead beneath flood waters that have not yet receded around factory farms in North Carolina.

Agencies dispatched to assess the flooded areas found multiple buildings which had held various types of livestock, including pigs and poultry – countless animals are believed to have drowned while confined inside of the buildings.  Rick Dove, with Waterkeeper Alliance, told The Washington Post that there are likely “millions” of dead chickens in the flood waters.

The damage is not yet over…as reported by EcoWatch, waters continue to rise in the area and more damage is expected.

The governor has stated that officials will work to remove carcasses from the area to avoid water contamination. Read more about this dire situation here.

(Video via YouTube/Russell Jinnette)


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