Video: Clewiston Police round up fleeing pony

On Tuesday morning, the Clewiston Police Department received a call referencing a horse running down U.S.#27. With officers wondering if someone might have been “pranking,” a patrol unit was quickly dispatched. Sure enough – there … Read More

Spring in Minnesota and horse fell through melting ice

In Maple Grove, Minnesota, first responders were able to rescue a very lucky horse after she accidentally ran onto thin ice near Elm Creek Park Reserve.

According to the Facebook page of the Hennepin County … Read More

Owner of Mokai Lounge buys horse led into bar to give her loving home

An asinine stunt at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach on March 9, when a scantily clad dancer was led into the crowded and noisy lounge riding a frightened white mare led around by a … Read More

South Beach nightclub’s license revoked after horse ridden into bar

What in the world was someone thinking when they brought a horse into a South Beach, Florida nightclub as the music blared and an exotic dancer tried to ride the scared equine through the crowd?… Read More

Video: Sheriff’s deputy asks runaway horse ‘will you stop please’

A Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputy gave us all a big smile while rounding up a runaway horse on Wednesday morning. Who would expect to see a gorgeous paint running north on US 19 in the … Read More

Runaway horse drawn carriage collides with cars in Wisconsin

It was a terrible day for horses, drivers and carriage riders on Saturday afternoon in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin when a horse drawn carriage collided with two vehicles on one of the main streets in mid-morning.

According … Read More

Horse submerged in oil vat hangs on to ledge with his two front hooves

A horse discovered submerged in a partially buried oil vat storage tank on Friday used his two front hooves to hang over the ledge to keep him from drowning in the oil. The Atascosa County … Read More

Pony evacuated from Santa Rosa fire in backseat of owner’s Honda Accord

On Monday, Lauren Mesaros had been faced with a life or death situation as the fires of Santa Rosa steadily crept towards her property. Knowing she had to evacuate her three horses and only having … Read More

Veterinarian frees chained horse and gets the best ‘thank you’ ever

In Romania, it is a common practice to chain the front legs of horses to keep them from roaming and running away. On this particular day however, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu intervened when he found the … Read More

Panic rescue of horse that fell six feet into underground vault

The City of Riverside Fire Department responded to a report of a rider fallen from a horse on Sunday at the 5600 block of Arlington Avenue. The saddled horse fell about six feet into an … Read More