Owner of Mokai Lounge buys horse led into bar to give her loving home

An asinine stunt at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach on March 9, when a scantily clad dancer was led into the crowded and noisy lounge riding a frightened white mare led around by a … Read More

South Beach nightclub’s license revoked after horse ridden into bar

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Video: Sheriff’s deputy asks runaway horse ‘will you stop please’

A Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputy gave us all a big smile while rounding up a runaway horse on Wednesday morning. Who would expect to see a gorgeous paint running north on US 19 in the … Read More

Runaway horse drawn carriage collides with cars in Wisconsin

It was a terrible day for horses, drivers and carriage riders on Saturday afternoon in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin when a horse drawn carriage collided with two vehicles on one of the main streets in mid-morning.

According … Read More

Horse submerged in oil vat hangs on to ledge with his two front hooves

A horse discovered submerged in a partially buried oil vat storage tank on Friday used his two front hooves to hang over the ledge to keep him from drowning in the oil. The Atascosa County … Read More

Pony evacuated from Santa Rosa fire in backseat of owner’s Honda Accord

On Monday, Lauren Mesaros had been faced with a life or death situation as the fires of Santa Rosa steadily crept towards her property. Knowing she had to evacuate her three horses and only having … Read More

Veterinarian frees chained horse and gets the best ‘thank you’ ever

In Romania, it is a common practice to chain the front legs of horses to keep them from roaming and running away. On this particular day however, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu intervened when he found the … Read More

Panic rescue of horse that fell six feet into underground vault

The City of Riverside Fire Department responded to a report of a rider fallen from a horse on Sunday at the 5600 block of Arlington Avenue. The saddled horse fell about six feet into an … Read More

Horse survived 6 weeks alone in snow after owner abandoned her

A six-year-old mare that had been abandoned in the deep snow in the back country at Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, at the end of a hunting trip survived 6 weeks alone. According to her owner, … Read More

Horses found with racing tattoos burned off with acid

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is currently investigating an animal cruelty case associated with three Thoroughbred mares purchased from the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania on Monday with their identifying … Read More