Disturbing viral video shows three horses being pulled by pickup truck

In Limestone, Alabama, a flood of calls came into the  Limestone County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday after a video went viral showing three horses being pulled by a pickup truck along 7 Mile Post Road.

According to WhntNews, the horses had escaped from their pasture, and the owner had been towing them back to the farm. It just so happened that Angel Olmedo had been traveling down the same road and was livid at what he was seeing happen. He took out his phone and videoed the disturbing situation and posted it on his Facebook page.

“This isn’t the f****** way to pull horses.!!! I ran into this son of a bitch.!!”

It wasn’t long before Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely responded to the building anger over social media and explained the owner of the horses had been worried that his horses could be struck by a car or truck.  When the horses refused to walk with him back to the pasture, he decided to pull them.

A deputy and an animal control officer responded to the scene and stated the owner was apologetic and stated he was going very slow. The owner has a bad back which precluded him from walking the horses home. The horses were not injured.

“He didn’t mean to cause any alarm,” Sheriff Blakely stated.”He of all people didn’t want to get his horses hurt.”

Sheriff Blakely opted not to cite the owner for animal cruelty and told him if it ever happened again, call the office for help. Angel Olmedo said the next time he would most likely stop and help.

Check out the video by Angel Olmedo here. What do you think? Should the owner of the horses been charged with animal cruelty?

A public statement was later issued by the sheriff’s office:


Yesterday we received numerous complaints about a video that surfaced of a truck pulling three horses near 7-Mile Post Road.

I appreciate everyone’s concern and comments on this video. A friend called me while this was happening and a deputy arrived as the person in the truck was putting his horses in his lot. Animal control was also sent out and inspected the horses. There was no injury to the horses . The owner stated they had got out of his pasture, and due to health issues he was unable to walk and lead the horses home. My friend who reported this did not want to swear out a warrant . The owner was warned and was very sorry for what happened.

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  1. JEANETTE says:

    the horses are ok. leave the guy alone. I had a horse for 17 yrs. I know what cruelty looks like. at times just getting one horse to walk when it is frightened is bad enough, but 3 horses. he did the best he could

  2. Red says:

    Sue…. DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO???? Two of the horses were struggling to stay upright!! The one in the middle was close to falling he was just being dragged!! It is a freaking miracle none of them broke their legs!!!!!!! I can not believe the police BELIEVED this idiot!! IF he was looking in his mirrors he would have seen how close he was to dragging them!!! This video made me sick!! Horses are beautiful, majestic and this was horrible treatment.

    • Sue says:

      Sorry, I should have watched the video. I just read the article, and it sounded like he was going slow, and the horses weren’t hurt. My computer fights me on playing videos, but next time I’ll wait however long it takes to work up the energy to play it.

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    He should have been charged. He wasnt checking his rear vision for how the horses were coping. I think he was travelling too fast, if theyre used to being in pasture theyre obviously not usec to rushing anywhere. Besides, why not just ask for help first. Tether them to a fence and go get a horse trailer? Use brains? Use commonsense? Wouldve said horse sense but that would be insulting his horses. Besides, he first claimed the horses ‘wouldnt walk with him’ – did they know he had a bad back? (His later offered excuse).


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