Horse falls upside down into mechanic’s pit

In Lublin, Poland, a 30-year-old horse fell upside down into a mechanic’s pit in her owner’s garage this week while searching for potatoes to eat. Baska, the mare, followed her nose into the garage and when she stepped on the wooden planks covering the pit, the wood broke and down tumbled Baska – on her back.

According to the Daily Mail, Baska’s 75-year-old owner, Jan Adamiak heard “heartbreaking” neighs coming from the garage and when he went to investigate was shocked to find his beloved mare stuck so tightly she could barely move.

“She was screaming so loudly and desperately that my heart was tearing apart,” Adamiak stated.

The local fire department and neighbors quickly came over to help. They arranged ropes underneath her in order to pull her out and poured water over her body to make it easier for her to be maneuver while lifted out of the tight space. When she is finally safe, the lucky mare only suffered minor injuries to her side.


When interviewed, Adamiak was ecstatic and relieved telling everyone his horse was making a full recovery and seemed to have let her harrowing experience fall quietly into her past. As usual, Baska was roaming the yard looking for food. (Stay away from those potatoes girl!)

(Photos of horse that fell upside down via screenshots from Cen via DM)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to all who stepped up and rescued Baska – and that she had a caring concerned owner who obviously loves his horse – again, thanks to all of you, Baska is now on her feet.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Baska has a loving owner who got the help needed to get her out. Hope she stays clear of that area and is on the road to mending. Nice when you read about a caring owner.

  3. Nadya Rossi says:

    Why didn’t the dumbass owner FEED HIS HORSE???? I guess Poland, like all of Easter Europe, doesn’t have animal welfare laws. Jerk owner should have his animals removed and the author of this article apparently doesn’t care for animals, either.


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