Neglected horse too weak to stand lived her life in a dog pen

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A neglected horse in Durant, Mississippi, too weak to stand and who lived her life in a dog pen was rescued on Wednesday after authorities received a call about a neglected and malnourished horse.

According to the rescue group, Rocking R Ranch and Rescue, volunteers rushed to the salon where the horse was lying down and was told the following story:

“Her name is Sage. Her story is, well it’s a lot y’all. You can’t even make this mess up.

Really this is hard to even write. It’s just. So when she was a baby ( she’s 3 years old now) her mother was killed by “some hog dogs”. So they brought her in the house and bottle fed her. Somehow she survived all this and got to move outside to a DOG PEN. Not a fenced in area for dogs, a wire dog pen like you can buy at Tractor Supply.”

And the details concerning Sage continued:

“She has lived in a downtown residential area in this dog pen all her life. At some point today a limb fell on the pen, and she escaped! She made her way a couple of houses over into the backyard of a hair salon and was attempting to graze when she went down. From there we received the message asking for help. The owner was on the scene and stated, that she has been eating “half a bag of sweet feed mixed with crack corn, every day”. Ok. Police on scene, the vet will see her in the morning and the report will be forwarded to the police department to proceed with animal cruelty charges. The owner felt if he surrendered her that charges shouldn’t be pressed but that’s just not how this works. Jesus take the dog pen, we are outta here, with the horse.”

Sage is just three-years-old; her owner told Joy Reynolds, the rescue’s director, that Sage is fed “half a bag of sweet feed mixed with crack corn every day.”

On Thursday, Sage was on her feet.

“She’s tucked in for the night and is still up and doing well, munching on some alfalfa. She’s never been around another horse so imagine that joy when she realized there where others like her! Thank you for all the prayers, warm thoughts and donations toward her rehab. She has a ways to go but she has a chance at a normal life now.”

Animal cruelty charges are expected to proceed after Sage is examined by a veterinarian. Updates to follow.

To help Sage, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos of Sage the horse that lived in a dog pen from FB)

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5 replies
  1. Cristen Mcconville says:

    Thank God she escaped a lifetime of misery and neglect!!! Praying she is not given back to her “owner” for ANY REASON!!!

  2. Adrienne Crognale says:

    Bless Sage and her rescuers. She deserves a wonderful life and to live with other horses is the best thing for her. Happy girl.

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Many many prayers and blessings to Saga and her rescuers! Please fully prosecute the animal cruelty charges so she never has to return to that miserable imprisonment!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Not the way a horse should live at all. I suppose Sage’s owner thought they were helping the poor horse but should have done some research into the card and feeding of this horse. I’m glad she has been saved!

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very glad this precious treasure was saved and is recovering!!!

    I would NOT put a mini horse into a dog pen, let alone a full sized horse…….

    These owners meant well to save this animal, but they were absolutely ignorant about the needs of a growing horse…….


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